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A Simple Task Quest in Monster Hunter World

How to complete the quest, A Simple Task, and whether or not the rumored Deviljho makes an appearance.


New quests are added to Monster Hunter World on a regular basis in the form of “Events”. One Event quest that might have caught your eye is called, A Simple Task. Though it sure is a simple task, there are some pretty high prerequisites in order to begin playing it, leaving a lot of players thinking it might contain more than it lets on.

A Simple Task Quest

The Event quest called, A Simple Task, requires you to deliver 10 Gourmet Shroomcaps for the Mewoscular Chef. These sorts of quests typically reward you with a new item to eat at the canteen, which should be helpful when hunting some of the more powerful monsters in the game. The only prerequisite for this quest is that you must be Hunter Rank 30, so make sure you know how to increase your Hunter Rank else you won’t be able to complete it, let alone start it.

Actually completing this task is incredibly easy, as all you need to do is make your way around the Ancient Forest, collecting any Gourmet Shroomcaps you come across. There are several littered around the various areas, so take your time.

A simple task quest - MHW
A Simple Task quest in Monster Hunter: World.

A lot of players were speculating that this quest might be where the mighty Deviljho is introduced, especially with the oddly high Hunter Rank requirement, but alas, it does not show up. In saying that, the Ancient Forest is the natural habitat of the Deviljho, as was seen in its reveal trailer for Monster Hunter: World, and having the brute wyvern interrupt a relatively easy quest would match its modus operandi.

For now though, just deliver those Gourmet Shroomcaps for the chef. Once youv'e done that, you can continue your adventure and take on the mighty Deviljho Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World guide for more insights into the game and the latest information.

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