Where to find Goldenfish in Monster Hunter: World

Learn the location of the best fishing spots to capture some goldenfish.


There is a lot of endemic life in Monster Hunter: World, and the fish population make up a large percentage of the animals players can hunt. One type of fish that is needed for a quest – and can be used to decorate a hunter’s room – is the goldenfish. Finding goldenfish can be challenging, especially given all the fishing spots in each of the levels, and that's before even considering the fish's rarity.

Where to find goldenfish

As part of the Research Help: Goldenfish Capture bounty, players will be tasked with capturing a goldenfish for the researcher. Goldenfish can be found in three of the five areas, with the highest appearance being in the Rotten Vale, followed by the Coral Highlands and Elder’s Recess.

The best place to find goldenfish in Rotten Vale is Section 9 and Section 15. Fishing (or using the capture net) in these two locations will result in finding goldenfish for the research quest. There are, of course, other fish to be caught here, so in the event that you don’t capture the right fish on the first go, take some more time and continue fishing. When completing this quest, I caught roughly 7 fish before I was finally able to snag the goldenfish needed for the quest.

With countless materials and resources to collect, finding them all can be a bit challenging. Take the time to look over and bookmark the crafting recipes in Monster Hunter World so that you know where to find all the items you’ll ever need in Monster Hunter: World.

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