How to Unlock Aloy's Bow in Monster Hunter World

Complete your Horizon Zero Dawn cosplay by unlocking Aloy's bow in Monster Hunter World.


There are a lot of weapons that you can use in Monster Hunter World, and now there is another to add to the list: Aloy’s bow from Horizon Zero Dawn. As part of a limited time event, players on PlayStation 4 can get their hands on the armor and bow of Aloy – but it’s a bit grindy.

How to Unlock Aloy’s Bow

To get your hands on Aloy’s bow from Horizon Zero Dawn, you will need to head to the nearest Quest Board or Quest Lass and navigate to the Event menu. In this menu you should find a quest titled “The Proving” which should ring a bell for anyone who’s played the game. This is also how you can unlock Aloy’s armor!

aloy bow monster hunter world

This time-sensitive quest requires at least Hunter Rank 11, and takes place in the Ancient Forest where you have 50 minutes to hunt an Anjanath. Upon killing or trapping the Anjanath, you will receive an item called “Nova Brave Trophy”, which is essentially a ticket. In order to craft the bow, you will need to acquire 2 Nova Brave Trophies, which means completing the quest a minimum of two times for the bow alone.

The full list of materials needed to craft Aloy’s bow are:

  • Nova Brave Trophy x2
  • Anjanath Fang+ x3
  • Monster Keenbone x5
  • Anjanath Plate x1

You can actually get the majority of these items by killing the Anjanath as part of the quest, but if you’re struggling to get the Anjanath Plate, swing by the Melding Pot to craft one.

With Aloy’s bow in hand, and her armor on, you’ll look like you’re straight out of Horizon Zero Dawn. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World guide for more content and walkthroughs.

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