Monster Hunter World - Where to Find Coral Crystal

Learn the location of the Coral Crystal upgrade material in Monster Hunter World.


There are a lot of rare materials that you will need if you want to upgrade your weapons in Monster Hunter World, and one such material is the Coral Crystal. This material is required if you want to upgrade a weapon in the Pukei-Pukei Tree up to Level 4.

Where to Find Coral Crystal

The Coral Crystal is going to take quite a while for you to find, as you will need to progress through the main mission Assignments a considerable way. The mission you will need to complete before you can find the Coral Crystal is called, “One for the History Books.”

Upon completing the mission, you will find yourself in the Coral Highlands, where you can begin the search for Coral Crystal. Much like finding the Earth Crystal, Coral Crystal takes on the same appearance: a blue shard of ore sticking out of the ground.

A good place to search for Coral Crystal in Coral Highlands is in Area 11, at the top-right corner of the map. Two Mining Outcrops sit near the border of Area 10 and 11, so you should have a good chance at collecting some of the materials you require.

You might even find that the Mining Outcrops in Coral Highlands reward you with more than just Iron Ore and Coral Crystal, so take the time to collect as much as possible. When that’s all said and done, head over to our Monster Hunter World Guide hub for more helpful information, such as how to co-op Expeditions with friends.

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