How to Make Money | Zenny Fast in Monster Hunter World

Call it cash, money, or Zenny, but this guide will help you earn it fast in Monster Hunter: World.


A lot of your time in Monster Hunter: World is spent trying to farm rare crafting materials from specific monsters, allowing you to build armor and weapons. Along the way you’re bound to earn some money (Zenny in Monster Hunter: World), but it’s often not enough. I was just charged 56,000 Zenny to build a rarity eight, 960 damage (with 300 Dragon) Great Sword called Leviathan’s Fury. Even if you’re a Zenny millionaire in Monster Hunter: World, that’s five percent of your wealth, which is no small amount. Best you learn how to earn large sums of Zenny as fast as you can.

Sell Items for Zenny

Provisions in Astera is located near the main quest board. You have the option to both buy and sell items here, and selling is recommended if you haven’t done so before. My first trip to sell items didn’t occur until about the 70-hour mark of my time with Monster Hunter: World, and I made 400,000 Zenny selling things I had no use for, or that I had too many of, such as Dragonite Ore. I sold 85 of my 185 Dragonite Ore, getting an instant 40,800 Zenny. Head to provisions and go through your entire item box, selling what you have too much of, or what is only valuable as a trade-in item. I went from about 400,000 Zenny to over 1,000,000 Zenny in five minutes selling things to research for this article.

Play Solo for More Cash

Whatever amount of cash you can earn from a quest is divided by the number of players that you have in there. If there is a 10,000 Zenny reward for a quest, and four people join, your cut is 2,500 Zenny, which isn’t worth getting your palico all dressed up for. If you complete that quest solo, however, you get the full amount of Zenny all to yourself. Find an easy high rank quest that offers a decent amount of Zenny for completion, then farm it solo. I’m staring at an investigation that gives me 5,580 Zenny for slaying 10 Hornetaurs (little bugs) in the Rotten Vale. That’s a five-minute job at most, and I can do it five times. That’s 25,000 Zenny for 25 minutes of work.

Use the Bandit Mantle

The Bandit Mantle is unlocked by completing an optional quest called Redefining the Power Couple. It requires you to kill a Rathalos and Rathian in the Ancient Forest. Once complete, the Bandit Mantle is yours and, of all the mantles in Monster Hunter: World, you really want this one. Throwing on the Bandit Mantle while you fight a monster causes them to drop rare trade-in materials when you attack. Since trade-in items are only good for selling to provisions, you can earn some money every time you fight. Not only will this benefit you, but also your hunting party. The rare trade-in items that drop will also drop for your team, meaning everybody wins.

Farm Vaal Hazak

According to my notes, I’ve slayed Vaal Hazak 19 times. While it’s true that I was doing this to get my hands on the Vaal Hazak Fang + for crafting purposes, this monster’s bits and pieces are valuable.

  • Vaal Hazak Fang +: 4,600 Zenny
  • Deceased Scale: 2,250 Zenny
  • Vaal Hazak Talon: 4,750 Zenny
  • Vaal Hazak Wing: 4,450 Zenny
  • Vaal Hazak Carapace: 3,350 Zenny
  • Vaal Hazak Membrane: 3,500 Zenny

I’m not suggesting you sell some of the rarer items on this list if you don’t have many, but that’s why you farm this monster. I ended up with something like 73 Deceased Scales. I sold 23, leaving myself 50 in case of a rainy day where I need to build 15 things related to Vaal Hazak, and made off with 51,750 Zenny for my trouble.

Don’t Get Carted, Hunter

Monster Hunter: World calls it fainting, some call it getting killed, but the Monster Hunter: World subreddit has taken to calling it getting “carted” whenever you fall in battle. Not only does this risk the entire quest you’re on, but it also lowers the payout at the end of the hunt. I haven’t personally done the math on how it’s calculated, but every hunt you’re on where someone gets carted, the amount of Zenny dished out at the end is reduced and then split among the hunters in the quest. It’s not uncommon to see the cash reward at the end dip under 1,000 Zenny, which is laughable. You’ll make more than that with one round of hacking and smashing with your Bandit Mantle.

If you put in enough hours and follow my advice, you’ll be swimming in cash, money, Zenny, or whatever else you’d like to call it. Of course, you must first find success during your hunts, and for that there is the Monster Hunter: World guide collection to help you out.

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