Where to find Lumps of Meat in Monster Hunter World

Learn where to find Lumps of Meat to complete a canteen quest for the Meowscular Chef in Monster Hunter World.


The Meowscular Chef isn’t afraid to put players to work finding ingredients to improve the canteen, often requiring hunters to roam around areas in search for the goods. While mushrooms and eggs are easy enough to find, locating Lumps of Meat can be a bit tricky in Monster Hunter World.

Where to find Lumps of Meat

One of the mid-game canteen quests that the Meowscular Chef will send players on is The Meat of the Matter, a hunter rank 8 or higher optional quest that requires 2 Lumps of Meat be delivered. This quest takes place in the Rotten Vale, and although it doesn’t require hunting any monsters, it can still be challenging, especially when trying to carry a breakable item back to a campsite.

The Lumps of Meat can only be found in one location, Section 13, in a ringed area separated by vine and sinew. Players will need to pick up the Lump of Meat from the carcass of a raphinos and carry it back to a campsite (campsite 11 is the best option).

When carrying a Lump of Meat, all nearby enemies (especially small monsters) will immediately become aggressive, attacking the player and knocking the meat out of their hands to the ground. If players drop the meat, it will splatter, and they’ll need to go and pick up another piece. A good strategy is to use the Ghillie mantle to become “invisible” to all monsters, allowing players to quickly carry the item back to the campsite without needing to worry about the monsters.

Another idea can be to clear out the small monsters before picking up a Lump of Meat and then using the roll ability to dodge any attacks from other creatures. However, because the time limit of the quest is 50 minutes, there’s plenty of time to wait for the Ghillie mantle to recharge if it runs out.

Collecting the two Lumps of Meat for the Meowscular Chef isn't too challenging, provided you can avoid the monsters in the Rotten Vale. Once the quest is done, check out the Monster Hunter World guide and walkthrough for more quest guides and tips on how to take down some of the hardest monsters!

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