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Learn how to unlock all mantles in Monster Hunter: World, giving you an edge against the toughest monsters out there.


Monster Hunter: World is more than just upgrading weapons, crafting armor, and slaying monsters. There are also useful pieces of equipment to collect, such as the mantles. These poncho-looking items offer unique effects that can boost different elements of your game, so getting your hands on all of them is a good idea, especially if you want to improve a certain aspect of your playstyle.

How to Get More Mantles

Mantles are rewarded for reaching certain milestones throughout the campaign and for completing tasks for various vendors. You can only equip one mantle at a time to begin, but eventually you'll unlock the use of two. Each mantle can be used an unlimited number of times during a hunt, but they do have lengthy cooldowns.

Ghillie Mantle

The Ghillie mantle will be the first one you receive in Monster Hunter: World, and it’s earned after you unlock the botanist research center in Astera. The Ghillie mantle, as its name suggests, conceals you from enemy view temporarily, preventing monsters from spotting you. The effect expires if you perform an attack or take damage, but is extremely useful if you want to transport an egg back to a campsite or need some breathing room during a fight.

Glider Mantle

The Glider mantle is unlocked after you first venture into the Coral Highlands. This mantle increases jump air time and grants the power to ride strong winds while also making it easier to mount monsters. While this is helpful in getting around Coral Highlands and jumping on monsters, it’s not as useful as some of the other mantles in Monster Hunter: World.

Vitality Mantle

You will receive the Vitality mantle after completing the assignment quest Into the Bowels of the Vale, which tasks you with killing the Odogaron in the Rotten Vale. Speak with the field team leader to receive this mantle upon your return to Astera. The Vitality mantle negates a fixed amount of damage, after which the effect expires. This means that you are completely invulnerable while the mantle absorbs a set amount of damage. It can withstand the dive bomb from Nergigante, making it a must-equip when facing off against that particular elder dragon.

Bandit Mantle

The Bandit mantle can be earned by completing the optional quest called Redefining the ‘Power Couple', which is an armory quest that tasks you with killing a Rathian and a Rathalos within 50 minutes in the Ancient Forest. This mantle causes monsters to drop rare trade-in items when you attack them. These trade-in items can be sold to make Zenny fast at the provisions section of Astera.

Waterproof Mantle

The Waterproof mantle can be unlocked after you gain access to the high rank quests and armor. Once you've reached this section of the game, you can earn the mantle by completing the delivery quest for the armory titled Armory R&D: Waterproofing, which requires killing a high rank Jyuratodus for its scales and fins. This mantle reduces water damage, nullifies waterblight, reduces mobility restrictions in muck, and negates them entirely for deep water.

Iceproof Mantle

The Iceproof mantle is unlocked by completing the Armory R&D: Weatherizing optional quest. This quest tasks you with hunting high rank Paolumu for their high rank drops. The Iceproof mantle reduces ice damage and nullifies iceblight.

Challenger Mantle

To unlock the Challenger mantle you will need to complete the The Red and Blue Crew in Monster Hunter: World. This is an optional quest (7-Star) that requires you to hunt a Rathalos and Azure Rathalos in the Ancient Forest. You can kill or capture the monsters, giving you all the options you need for completion. The Challenger mantle will cause monsters to attack you, making them easier to lure. This could be used to save some stunned teammates, or to lure a monster into a trap. The mantle expires as soon as you are attacked.

Rocksteady Mantle

The quest to unlock the Rocksteady mantle becomes available after defeating three different tempered elder dragons. The quest is called A Summons from Below. The Rocksteady mantle eliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your healing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks.

Fireproof Mantle

The Fireproof mantle is earned by completing an optional quest called The Fiery Convergence (7-Star). This quest, however, isn't unlocked until you complete an optional quest called The Sleeping Sylvan Queen (6-Star). The Fireproof mantle will reduce fire damage, nullifies fireblight and blastblight, and prevents damage from hot environments. It's particularily useful fighting in the lava areas of the Elder's Recess, although Cool Drink also helps with that.

Thunderproof Mantle

Getting your hands on the Thunderproof mantle is as easy as finishing the optional quest Gone in a Flash (4-Star). Unfortunately, there are several other optional quests that act as prerequisites to that one:

  • Snatch the Snatcher (2-Star)
  • Landing the Landslide Wyvern (3-Star)
  • White Monster for a White Coat (4-Star)
  • Man's Best Friend (5-Star)
  • Bazelgeuse in the Field of Fire (7-Star)
  • Gone in a Flash (4-Star)

The Thunderpoof mantle is a must-own for Kirin fights in Monster Hunter: World, as it removes the debuffs from Krin's attacks. Basically, you don't need to abuse Nulberry if you're wearing this mantle.

Impact Mantle

The Impact mantle can be unlocked by first completing five level one tempered monster hunts (a late-game type of monster in Monster Hunter: World), at which point you will receive the quest Showdown: The Muck and the Maul (9-Star). The Impact mantle adds a stun effect to most of your attacks, or increases the power of your stun effects. It knocks monsters down, basically.

Apothecary Mantle

To unlock the Apothecary mantle, you will need to research 10 monsters to their maximum level (which increases when you unlock high rank content) and then complete an optional quest called A Portent of Disaster (8-Star). When equipped, the Apothecary mantle increases the chances your attacks will trigger a status effect when it is built up.

Evasion Mantle

The Evasion mantle is unlocked by first completing five different threat level two tempered monster hunts. The next step is to finish the optional quest New World Sky, New World Flower (9-Star). The Evasion mantle increases the invulnerability window while evading (rolling/dodging) and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment. This is perfect for those hunters who live life on the edge and want to be rewarded for their precision.

Immunity Mantle

The Immunity mantle is likely going to be one of the last mantles you unlock, as it requires you to completely research 15 different large monsters. With this completed, finish the optional quest A Blaze on the Sand (8-Star) to earn your new poncho. The Immunity mantle removes and nullifies all abnormal status effects while it lasts.

Other Mantle Equipment – Smokers

Aside from the sweet poncho-mantles you can earn in Monster Hunter: World, you can also unlock other pieces of equipment for use in the mantle slot. These are boosters that have a small area-of-effect that offer short-term buffs.

Health Booster

The Health Booster places a smoker that gradually restores the health of anyone standing in it. This is a handy tool if you run out of potions or if your Vigorwasp palico gadget is on cooldown. An excellent choice if you can't think of another mantle or booster that should take its spot. This one is unlocked after your first encounter with Zorah-Magdaros, and is basically locked into one of my mantle slots.

Cleanser Booster

Complete the optional quest On Nightmare’s Wings (4-Star), and then head to the armory and speak with the lady there to receive the Cleanser Booster. This piece of equipment places a smoker that removes any abnormal status effects and elemental blights. It's a must-have for fighting in the Rotten Vale, as it will allow you and your team to cleanse yourself of the nonsense poison there.

Affinity Booster

To get the Affinity booster you will need to complete several optional quests obtained from the Research Base in Monster Hunter: World, the last being RRRRRumble in the Waste! The Affinity booster is the last of the three available boosters, and its smoke increases your affinity rating.

  • A Tingling Taste (6-Star)
  • Stuck in Their Ways (6-Star)
  • A Sore Site (7-Star)
  • RRRRRumble in the Waste! (7-Star)

Mantles are arguably the most versatile pieces of equipment you have in Monster Hunter: World. There is a mantle for just about every play style, and as your strategies change depending on a monster’s weaknesses, so will your mantle, which is why it’s ideal to collect them all. 

With your mantle collection complete, take some time to look over our Monster Hunter: World guide for more insight into the various collectible items in this massive game.

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