All Brute Wyverns in Monster Hunter World

The land-based brute wyvern is one of Monster Hunter World's most ferocious beasts.


Every one of the large monsters in Monster Hunter World is considered a type of wyvern, despite the fact very few of them look like dragons. Within this wyvern class are several subclasses, with the brute wyvern being a common type you’ll encounter in a few of the different environments.

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Brute Wyverns in Monster Hunter World

There are currently four brute wyverns in Monster Hunter World, with a fifth being added when the DLC launches. The unifying idea behind the brute wyverns is that they have evolved to life on land, and are more than capable of bipedal walking. While they do not all share the same weak points, the majority of them are most vulnerable to attacks angled at their head. Before you take on a brute wyvern, make sure you know the monster’s weakness.

The four brute wyverns, and the unreleased fifth, are the:

  • Barroth
  • Anjanath
  • Radobaan
  • Uragaan
  • Deviljho
  • Savage Deviljho
  • Glavenus
  • Banbaro

Barroth – Brute Wyvern

monster hunter world barroth brute wyvern
The Barroth is one of the first Brute wyverns fought in Monster Hunter World.

The Barroth will be the first one you meet of the bunch. Its main stomping ground is the Wildspire Waste, where it can cover itself in mud to change its resistances. It’s the only one of the current four whose head is not a weak point, so don’t concern yourself with attacking its large face.

Anjanath – Brute Wyvern

monster hunter world brute wyvern anjanath
The Anjanath is the first difficulty spike many players will experience in Monster Hunter World.

The Anjanath is going to be a major hurdle you’ll encounter throughout the main storyline of Monster Hunter World. It offers the first spike in difficulty, which is why we put together a guide on how to kill the Anjanath. Unlike the Barroth, the Anjanath’s head is a weak point, along with its tail. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to take on the Anjanath, especially if you’re looking to unlock the Horizon Zero Dawn armor.

Radobaan – Brute Wyvern

monster hunter world brute wyvern radobaan
The Radobaan is a rolling monster with a thick armor of spines.

Located in the Rotten Vale, the Radobaan is an interesting monster that rolls wherever it goes and covers itself in bones. In order to deal sufficient damage to it, you’ll need to knock its spines off, which act as armor. Though you’re not required to hunt one of these as part of the main story, it does have an armor set you can unlock.

Uragaan – Brute Wyvern

monster hunter world brute wyvern uragaan
The Uragaan, much like the Radobaan, rolls around a lot.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was the Radobaan, considering it moves in exactly the same manner, but no, this is the Uragaan. The Uragaan rounds off the four brute wyverns that are currently available and is one of the monsters you must sight in the Elder’s Recess. Like the other two brute wyverns, the Uragaan’s head is a major weak point, susceptible to all forms of attack.

Deviljho – Brute Wyvern

The Deviljho is one of the new brute wyverns introduced to Monster Hunter World. Fans of the series will be familiar with this beast, but for all the newcomers, it’s going to be a tense moment when they first come face-to-face with this toothy monstrosity.

Savage Deviljho – Brute Wyvern

The Savage Deviljho is a new version of the previously-released Deviljho. Much like its predecessor, this giant beast is brutally challenging. While avoiding its physical and dragon damage is a given, it’s weaknesses aren’t so clear without proper research. Its head, belly, and tail are all weakpoints, with the best form of element damage being thunder and dragon. The Savage Deviljho is also weak to poison, sleep, and paralysis ailments.

Glavenus (Iceborne) – Brute Wyvern

The Glavenus was recently added to Monster Hunter World with the Iceborne expansion in 2019. This brute wyvern puts up quite a fight, so only the most experienced of hunters should attempt to quell its rage. Be aware of its fire damage and opt for water damage against its head and tail. It is entirely immune to fire, so don’t even bother!

Banbaro (Iceborne) – Brute Wyvern

Banbaro is one of the most recent brute wyverns added to Monster Hunter World. This massive beast was introduced with the Iceborne DLC. Expect it to attack from long range using boulders, which have varying effects depending on where they were collected. Its head and feet are both the weakpoints, which should be attacked using dragon elemental damage or blast and stun ailments.

There are a handful of different monster types in Monster Hunter World, with the brute wyvern being one of the first subclasses you’re likely to encounter. This subset of wyverns is used to living on land, and walking using two legs, and though other monsters utilize bipedal walking, they aren’t necessarily classified as a brute wyvern (such as the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku). Keep your eyes on our Monster Hunter World guide for when the DLC launches, as that will likely include the Deviljho, a legendary brute wyvern, and we'll be telling you how to kill it. 

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