What is Elderseal in Monster Hunter World?

Elderseal is will make elder dragon fights easier in Monster Hunter: World.


Elder dragons are the toughest fights that you can find in Monster Hunter: World. They are likely to cart you with a single shot if you’re not careful, and it’s not uncommon to see a quest fail because of a few silly mistakes. Much of this has to do with the enraged attack that each elder dragon has, and each one has a doozy. It’s nearly impossible to survive a direct hit from these, so what’s a hunter to do? Carry weapons that feature the Elderseal, of course.

What is Elderseal in Monster Hunter: World?

The Elderseal is a mechanic that is used to reduce the buildup of an elder dragon’s enraged attack. The higher the Elderseal rating of a weapon, the more effective it will be against the elder dragon, but only in relation to that one specific attack. Each weapon that features the Elderseal will have a rating displayed next to it.

  • Low
  • Average
  • High

Elder Dragons Affected by Elderseal

There are currently seven elder dragons in Monster Hunter: World, but three are immune to the Elderseal mechanic. Zorah Magdaros, Nergigante, and Xeno'jiiva couldn’t care less about the Elderseal. Do not choose a weapon based on its Elderseal rating while fighting them. However, this leaves four elder dragons that the Elderseal is effective against.

  • Kirin - Reduces Thunder armor that hardens its body
  • Kushala Daora - Reduces its wind aura
  • Teostra - Reduces the Fire it protects itself with
  • Vaal Hazak - Reduces the effluvia buildup

How to Use an Elderseal Weapon

Just having an Elderseal weapon won’t help you out. You must use that weapon at the right time if you want it to be effective. If you are fighting Teostra and see the Fire element building up on its body, an Elderseal weapon will help reduce this. Not only can you and your team get closer to fight, but it should theoretically stop it from enraging and getting off its blast attack.

Kirin, on the other hand, likes to use the Thunder element to protect its body from attacks, but it also uses this Thunder to launch devastating attacks against hunters. By attacking Kirin with an Elderseal weapon, you can reduce the Thunder armor it’s creating and make this elder dragon more vulnerable to your offensive output.

With Vaal Hazak, attacking with an Elderseal weapon will reduce its ability to build up the effluvia that it spews at you as its main attack. It should also reduce the effluvia that surrounds this elder dragon, making the fight much easier for you and your team.

Finally, Kushala Daora likes to create a wind aura around it, knocking you off balance as you get close. An Elderseal weapon should reduce its ability to create wind auras, essentially nullifying its main way to attack you.

Are You Sure About Nergigante and Xeno'jiiva?

Nope, I’m not. However, I have personally found no evidence that Elderseal weapons work on Nergigante and Xeno'jiiva. Nergigante’s spikes can still be destroyed using non-Elderseal weapons, and I haven’t seen a difference in Xeno'jiiva, either. Most on the internet tend to agree with me, but I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that Elderseal weapons are useless against these two. As for Zorah Magdaros, I didn’t investigate because all encounters with this elder dragon are quest based, but I highly doubt Elderseal works against it because there is no need for it.

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