All Piscine Researcher Critical Bounties in Monster Hunter World

Complete all critical bounties from the Piscine Researcher in Monster Hunter World.


There are a lot of quests to complete in Monster Hunter World. Some of these will stay on your HUD indefinitely, even if you’d rather worry about other things. Some you’ll get while out on an expedition and struggle to keep track of going forward. The latter group of quests are often Critical Bounties, and usually given to you from the Piscine Researcher or Endemic Life Researcher. Today we’ll be focusing on the former.

Piscine Researcher Critical Bounties

Last updated on March 6, 2020 at 4:31 p.m. EST.

Piscine Researcher Monster Hunter World

There are six Critical Bounties that are given to players from the Piscine Researcher. Most will give you a small reward, but the final quest will give you a Gold Wyverian Print that you can redeem at the Elder Melder. That, my friends, is reason enough alone to grind through this list of tasks, as the Gold Wyverian Print can be redeemed for gems, extremely rare crafting materials. It should be noted, though, that as of the Iceborne DLC, hunters can receive Gold Wyverian Prints for helping lower-ranked hunters with quests. For example, if you are Master Rank and help someone defeat Nergigante on High Rank, you might score a Gold Wyverian Print for your trouble.

Below is a list of Piscine Researcher tasks to complete:

  • Ancient Forest Research Help - Pink Paraxus Capture
  • Wildspire Waste Research Help - Sushfish Capture
  • Coral Highlands Research Help - Gunpowderfish Capture
  • Rotten Vale Research Help - Goldenfish Capture
  • Elder Recess Research Help - Platinumfish Capture
  • Research Help - Capture the Ancient

When you are about to head out on an expedition, look at the world map. As you hover over a location, you’ll get a key on the right side that gives you some important details. One of these will be at the bottom under the Field Researcher section. If you see the Piscine Researcher listed there, you’ll be able to find them at that location and get their quests, assuming you don’t already have it.

If you’d like to see which critical bounties you already have active, which ones are done, and which ones you’ve yet to pick up, visit the Resource Center in Astera or Seliana. Active Critical Bounties will be in the list and the text around them will be lit up. Completed Critical Bounties will be in the list by greyed out, and if you have yet to obtain the critical bounty from the Piscine Researcher, it will be absent from the list entirely. Use that information to see what critical bounties you need to finish by cross referencing it with my list.

It should also be noted that once you finish the first five critical bounties on the list, the sixth will be given in a random location it seems. No fear, just bring up the World Map and you can scan each location for the Piscine Researcher. Locate and pay them a visit in order to get the final critical bounty to complete the set.

Now that you are aware of all critical bounties from the Piscine Researcher in Monster Hunter: World, visit our Monster Hunter: World hub to check in on what else you’ve been missing thus far in your journey.

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