Monster Hunter World - How the Melding Pot Works

Craft rare items with ease at the Melding Pot in Monster Hunter World.


Diving deeper into Monster Hunter World, and completing the main story, unlocks more and more vendors for you to use, all of whom offer various resources to help improve your hunts. From the Botanical Research Center to the Tailraiders, there’s always something to do. Eventually though, you’ll unlock access to the Melding Pot, but it’s not immediately obvious how it works.

How the Melding Pot Works

The Melding Pot is a gigantic cauldron you can find right in the center of Astera, in the main workyard. This new vendor addition to the marketplace is unlocked sometime between the end of the Coral Highlands section and as you progress into the Rotten Vale.

Using the Melding Pot can be complicated at first glance, but to put it simply, the Melding Pot allows you to choose what item you want to make and use another item as fuel in order to make it. This gives you a way to create extremely rare items, such as some monster plate and monster marrow.

The item on the left is what you want to create, and the item on the right is used as fuel. In the middle you can see the cost associated with creating your new item. In the image below, you can see that the Odogaron Plate has a value of 3,000 Zenny, there are currently zero in storage, and one is being created.

monster hunter world melding pot

The item you want to create at the Melding Pot costs a certain amount of Research Points and a certain amount of Melding Points. The only way you can collect Melding Points is by breaking down other items as fuel. One item you might break down is the Silver Wyverian Print.

As an example, if you want the Odogaron Plate but don’t want to go to the trouble of killing the Odogaron, you can pay 200 Research Points and 100 Melding Points to create it. However, the only item that can be used as fuel for the Odogaron Plate is Silver Wyverian Print, which breaks down into 100 Melding Points. This means for every one piece of Odogaron Plate, you will need one Silver Wyverian Print.

monster hunter world melding pot mega potion

The Mega Potion, to use another example, costs 20 Research Points and 10 Melding Points to create, but you can use a lot more items as fuel. You can use Iron Ore for 3 points, Monster Bone S for 2 points, Warped Bone for 10 points, and a bunch of other items.

It’s a good idea to only create rare materials at the Melding Pot, items that you can’t easily get by gathering materials or killing monsters. Buying Mega Potions and Max Potions at the Melding Pot can be a waste of precious resources, especially when they can be created cheaply through the Botanical Research Center. However, items like the monster plate and monster marrow, those are not easy to come by, so it’s a good idea to get them through the Melding Pot if you need them. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World Guide for more information on how different vendors and mechanics work.

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