Gold Wyverian Print - Monster Hunter World

Learn how you can get a Gold Wyverian Print in Monster Hunter World, and why you want to collect as many as possible.


When it comes to crafting some of the high-end gear in Monster Hunter World, it’s often necessary to get Gems and Rubies from specific monsters. This can be done by farming the monster, but it can also be done at the Elder Melder by using a Gold Wyverian Print. Today, I’ll talk about how you can get them.

Gold Wyverian Print

Gold Wyverian Print Monster Hunter World

The Gold Wyverian Print can be obtained reliably by completing a few tasks, which you can see in the list below:

  • Complete all Limited bounties (weekly)
  • Complete Piscine Researcher bounties
  • Complete Endemic Life Researcher bounties
  • Assist lower-rank Hunters with quests

Any of the bounties listed above are guaranteed to drop a Gold Wyverian Print but helping a lower-rank hunter is not. However, these is a reasonable way to farm for a Gold Wyverian Print, since Master Rank hunters can smash Low Rank monsters without breaking a sweat. If you are currently Master Rank, join a Low Rank or High Rank Assigned quest via SOS, then go in and help a stranger out. This will give you a shot at the Gold Wyverian Print. If you’re a High Rank hunter, help a Low Rank hunter for the same chance.

It should be noted that, while the Gold Wyverian Print is still useful, it’s not as useful as it was prior to the release of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Instead of Gems and Rubies, players are now farming for Mantles to create Master Rank gear. The Gold Wyverian Print is still useful in crafting High Rank gear, but it’s not quite as relevant as it once was. Still, doing your Limited bounties each week is a good way to keep a few on hand for the inevitable need when it arises. Until then, check out our Monster Hunter World strategy guide for more help excelling as a hunter.

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