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How to Get Death Stench Armor in Monster Hunter World

Unlock the edgiest armor sets in Monster Hunter World: the Death Stench armor.


There are a lot of armor sets to unlock in Monster Hunter World and one of the most hardcore has got to be the Death Stench armor. This edgy set is incredibly well-hidden, and that has a lot to do with the amount of luck needed to get the parts to create it. But, if you’ve got the patience, and the Research Points, you too can get the Death Stench armor.

How to Unlock Death Stench Armor

The Death Stench armor is one of the many armor sets in Monster Hunter World, but unlike those other pieces of gear, the Death Stench is not unlocked by defeating monsters. If you want to look like a fantasy version of the figure of death, you will need to find Sinister Cloth. This rare material is only found by using the Tailraider Safari mechanic.

You will need to begin by unlocking the Tailraider Safari, which can be done after you reach the Rotten Vale for the first time. Return to your room after completing the mission and speak to your Housekeeper who will give you the low down. You can now begin deploying Tailraiders on a safari to fetch for you materials and other items.

monster hunter world death stench sinister cloth
Sinister Cloth is a required item in crafting the Death Stench armor.

As you continue to progress through the story, your Tailraider Safari will be upgraded, offering you new locations and improving the chances of receiving rewards. This will reach new levels once you unlock High Rank content. You should also note that the Tailraiders you send out change, though you will see groups return that you recognize. Pick a group with the highest stats, as this will give you the best chance at receiving the item you need to unlock the Death Stench armor.

The first time I received a single Sinister Cloth was from a safari with two 5-Star large monsters and three 4-Star small monsters. As you can see in the image, the Tailraiders found a Sinister Cloth as part of a drop from a Girros from the Rotten Vale. You should always try to pick safaris with the most 5-Star monsters, as this will give you a better chance at rare gear.

As for the Death Stench armor, once you have a single Sinister Cloth, the Death Stench armor can be crafted at the Smithy. However, you will need 5 Sinister Cloth for the full set, so continue sending out Tailraider Safaris.

For those that want the High Rank Death Stench armor (alpha and beta), you will need to defeat the Elder Dragon, Vaal Hazark. You must also have the Vaal Hazark membrane, so you might need to farm this monster a few times. Much like the standard version, you will need both the membrane and the Sinister Cloth for it to unlock at the Smithy.

Death Stench Armor Materials

monster hunter world death stench armor

It’s not just Sinister Cloth you’ll need to make the Death Stench armor, so you might have to begin farming for materials now.

  • Death Stench Brain: Sinister Cloth x1, Warped Bone x1, Monster Bone+ x2, Sharp Claw x3
  • Death Stench Muscle: Sinister Cloth x1, Coral Bone x2, Sturdy Bone x2, Monster Fluid x2
  • Death Stench Grip: Sinister Cloth x1, Warped Bone x3, Sturdy Bone x6, Lightcrystal x1
  • Death Stench Bowels: Sinister Cloth x1, Warped Bone x1, Sturdy Bone x2, Monster Fluid x2
  • Death Stench Heel: Sinister Cloth x1, Coral Bone x3, Monster Bone+ x4, Lightcrystal x1

That’s a lot of gear for each part, so here’s a list of every item you’ll need:

  • Sinister Cloth x5
  • Warped Bone x5
  • Monster Bone+ x6
  • Sharp Claw x3
  • Coral Bone x5
  • Sturdy Bone x10
  • Monster Fluid x4
  • Lightcrystal x2

Each piece of the Death Stench armor costs 3,000 Zenny, so you’ll be spending 15,000Z for the whole set, which should be no problem after you spend all that time waiting for the Tailraider Safari to find the Sinister Cloth you need.

Death Stench Armor Stats

death stench monster hunter world

While I’m all about that #MonsterHunterFashion, sometimes you want to know what skills your armor has, and the Death Stench armor is no different. While it doesn’t offer any armor set bonuses, it does included some reasonably appealing skills on each of its five pieces. It’s also worth noting that the first Death Stench armor you will likely unlock is a Low Rank set, so you’ll probably swap it out at some point for that sweet High Rank Death Stench armor.

  • Death Stench Brain: Resuscitate
  • Death Stench Muscle: Fortify
  • Death Stench Grip: Focus – Level 1
  • Death Stench Bowels: Dragon Attack – Level 1
  • Death Stench Heel: Handicraft – Level 1

The Resuscitate skill improves evasion and reduces stamina depletion when afflicted with abnormal status effects. Fortify increases your attack and defense every time you fall in battle. Focus increases the fill rate for weapons with gauges and reduces the charge rate for weapons with charge attacks. Dragon attack increases the dragon element attack power. Finally, Handicraft extends the weapon sharpness gauge – which is a personal favorite of mine. Though these aren't nearly as good as the Weakness Exploit skill.

That’s all there is to know about the Death Stench armor in Monster Hunter World. It’s going to take you a long time to unlock, and that’s entirely due to the random nature of the Tailraider Safari. Unfortunately, by the time you have enough Sinister Cloth to craft the normal Death Stench armor, your High Rank armor is going to be more appealing, so definitely craft the High Rank Death Stench armor. Swing by our Monster Hunter World guide for more insights on how to get other rare items and gear!

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