How to get Piercing Claw in Monster Hunter: World

You won't have to grind for Piercing Claw as much as you will other materials.


Monster Hunter: World is all about gathering materials to make new weapons and armor, allowing you to effectively defeat new monsters. Those monsters drop new materials, which allow you to fight even bigger monsters, and the cycle continues. Normally, the materials you need take a rather large brawl to obtain, but every so often a hunter needs something that is simple to find. Such is the case with the Piercing Claw.

How to Get Piercing Claw

Piercing Claw is a material that can only be obtained once a gamer reaches the high rank quests in Monster Hunter: World. The material is obtained from two specific small monsters, meaning farming for it isn’t as bad as trying to get your hands on the gem of an elder dragon.

  • Shamos - Body Carve: 30%
  • Jagras - Body Carve: 20%

The Piercing Claw is found on Shamos and Jagras. Shamos are in Coral Highlands and Jagras are found in the Ancient Forest. Both tend to travel in groups, so smashing through several and carving their bodies is likely to deliver a Piercing Claw or two in only minutes. Just keep in mind there is only a 30 percent chance that you’ll get what you want from the Shamos, and a 20 percent chance from the Jagras. It could take a few minutes to get the drop if luck isn’t on your side.

Remember, Shacknews has spent a lot of time with Monster Hunter: World, and we’ve created a chart to help you find every material in the game. Visit our complete crafting materials list and search for what you require or visit the Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough. Between the two, you are sure to find tools to help you on your journey.

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