Beotodus weakness - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Find out the main Beotodus weakness in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, and few other tricks to defeat this finicky monster.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has finally made its way to PC, and players are diving in to see what crazy beasts they’re tasked with defeating. Their first monster is one called Beotodus, a monster that reminds me a bit of a Jyuratodus, but swims under the snow with a shark-like fin telegraphing its movements. We’ll look at what weakness this monster has, and some brief tips on how to defeat it.

Beotodus weakness

Beotodus Weakness Monster Hunter World Iceborne

The main Beotodus weaknesses to focus on are Fire and Blast. If you have weapons that can deal that sort of damage, equip them at the camp before you head out into the snow. There are other options if you are unable to use either of those, and below you’ll find specific weaknesses and immunities to consider when you fight Beotodus:


  • Fire: 3
  • Water: 1
  • Thunder: 2
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 0


  • Poison: 2
  • Sleep: 2
  • Paralysis: 2
  • Blast: 3
  • Stun: 2

I took the Iceproof Mantle and the Vitality Mantle as well. The Iceproof Mantle will nullify Iceblight and cold effects, plus it will make it easier to move through deep snow. Here’s how to unlock the Iceproof Mantle if you haven’t already. If you have the Mirewalker Charm, consider that since it includes the Polar Mobility skill, preventing you from slowing down while moving through deep snow. It can be crafted at the Smithy if you don’t own it, assuming you have the materials.

When you first load into Iceborne and head into the snow, you’ll encounter and begin to fight Beotodus solo. This is not ideal. I simply backed out of the quest, found a quest board, and joined one in progress that still had rewards on. This fight, as with most in Monster Hunter World, is much easier with a crew. The monster may have more health, but there are multiple allies for your target to focus. I highly suggest you don’t go this one alone, but it’s definitely doable solo.

Now that you now the weaknesses of Beotodus, check out the rest of our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne content. We’re hard at working making sure you have the tools required to succeed.

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