Where to Find Gunpowder Fish in Monster Hunter World

Get your hands on all the Gunpowder Fish you could ever need in Monster Hunter World.


Gunpowder fish, or gunpowderfish, are a type of aquatic animal you can catch in Monster Hunter World and are important in crafting and customization. You'll need to get your hands on these little fish if you want to create some of the explosive traps, but you'll also want them so you can decorate your room. Whatever the need, you’re going to want to know where to find gunpowderfish to do either of these things.

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Where to Find Gunpowder Fish

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Before you can begin catching the gunpowderfish, you’ll need to know what it looks like. This is a tiny fish, quite smaller than the other ones you might have come across, but they have one discerning feature: glowing red-orange eyes. As you approach a pool of water, look out for little bright red lights below the surface for an indication of where the gunpowderfish might be swimming.

For those that might be struggling to catch fish, consider finding and using some equipment with the Master Fisher skill. This increases the window for reeling in a fish, which makes it easier to catch larger creatures. Thankfully, the Gunpowder Fish is rather small, so it shouldn't be too tough.

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There are three main areas where you can find gunpowderfish: Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, and Elder’s Recess. You have just as much chance catching this fish in one as you do another, so just go to your preferred location.

  • Coral Highlands – Area 7
  • Rotten Vale – Area 9
  • Elder’s Recess – Area 8
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Once you reach the area, take a look in the pools for any signs of your prey, they often swim in pairs, so if you catch one, you should hopefully be able to catch another. A successful catch will reward you with a Gunpowderfish Scale or a Great Gunpowderfish Scale depending on the size of the catch. These items are important in crafting some of the more powerful trap bombs, so stocking up can be a good idea, especially when trying to kill the Nergigante or other Elder Dragons.

If you happen to scare off the gunpowderfish, try heading to one of the other areas mentioned above, most are a short walk from at least one of the campsites. With all the fish in hand that you need, you’re free to continue hunting all manner of creatures. Take a look at our Monster Hunter World guide if you’re having difficulty finding other animals and materials out there in the wild.

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