Where to find Poison Sac in Monster Hunter World

Learn the best place to farm Poison Sacs in Capcom's best-seller, Monster Hunter: World.


There are a lot of different ailments players can apply to their weapons in Monster Hunter World, with the poison effect being a popular choice. Players looking to upgrade their weapons to feature poison will be on the lookout for Poison Sacs, a seemingly rare material necessary in the upgrades.

Where to find Poison Sacs

Poison Sacs are, as mentioned above, critical in the crafting of poison-based weapons, and as such, will need to be farmed in order to complete upgrade trees. Poison Sacs are a rare drop from the Pukei-Pukei, a large monster found in the Ancient Forest.

The best way to farm Poison Sacs is to go on investigations that require hunting the Pukei-Pukei. Investigations can be earned by tracking the monster using its footprints, mucus, and feathers. The more clues collected, the more investigations will be unlocked.

Head to the Resource Center in Astera (left of the entrance) and speak with one of the three NPCs there. Under “investigations”, find an investigation that requires hunting a Pukei-Pukei. Players should be on the lookout for investigations that reward better drops (bronze, silver, and gold). An investigation with gold reward drops will be more difficult, but offer a greater chance at dropping the Poison Sac upgrade item.

Before heading out on the investigation, take some time to eat a meal at the canteen and even use a Lucky Voucher if you have any spare. Preparing for the hunt will ensure the best outcome, as will how players choose to hunt the Pukei-Pukei for its Poison Sacs. Wherever possible, players should always attempt to capture the monster using shock traps or pitfall traps, as this will result in more post-hunt rewards. Apply all of this to the investigation and you’ll walk away with all the Poison Sacs you need.

Once you've farmed enough Poison Sacs, check out check out the Shacknews Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough for more material upgrade locations and tips on taking down some of the tougher monsters.

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