Unlock Master Rank 50 - Monster Hunter World

If you're stuck at MR 49 and want to unlock the Master Rank cap limit, we've got the solution.


Master Rank 50 isn’t that hard to hit in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but it is locked behind a quest, and completing that quest will unlock the Master Rank cap for the entire game. In this guide, I’ll help you identify that quest that stands in your way to accessing some of the end-game content in Iceborne.

Unlock MR 50 - Monster Hunter World

Players will eventually reach MR 49 in Monster Hunter World and notice they aren’t earning any Master Rank progress by completing quests. This is because an Assigned quest has not been completed and must be dealt with. Successfully completing this quest with rewards on will see players soar past MR 50 and unlock the Master Rank cap for all of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The quest that needs to be completed is called Sleep Now in the Fire. It’s a 6-star Master Rank quest that can be found under the Assigned category on the quest board. Players must be Master Rank 49 in order to partake in the festivities.

Once you load in, expect to fight a Tempered Rathian and a Tempered Nightshade Paolumu. In fact, I’d recommend joining this quest via SOS, or at least firing an SOS if you’re the one posting it. Both foes present their own challenges, which you can read about using a table of ailments and elements monsters can inflict.

After you unlock Master Rank 50 and remove the Master Rank cap limit, head to the Monster Hunter World guide we’ve been building the last couple years. It should have lots of information to help you while you’re on the hunt.

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