How to get Sharp Claw in Monster Hunter: World

Sharp Claw is just one of the hundreds of materials needed in Monster Hunter: World.


If you’re just starting to play Monster Hunter: World since its PC release recently, you’re starting to get an idea of just how deep the crafting systems are. Each weapon or piece of armor can require up to four separate ingredients, and not all are easy to obtain, especially when you head for the high rank quests. If you’re in need of Sharp Claw, though, this is how you find it in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Get Sharp Claw

Sharp Claw will only drop from a few monsters in the game, all of which are small. This should make the farming of Sharp Claw easier, but the chances of each drop on a carve according to the Monster Hunter: World wiki are low.

  • Jagras (Ancient Forest)
  • Shamos (Coral Highlands)
  • Girros (Rotten Vale)

There are a couple quests that feature these smaller monsters, and if you kill one you're likely to get an investigation, so there is a good chance you won't have to go far to find them. The problem is the carve rate for Sharp Claw is about 20 percent in most cases. This means if you kill five Jagras, you're likely to get one Sharp Claw, but you might get even less than that. If you need several, take a few minutes and load into a low rank investigation several times and farm them. You shouldn't have to put in more than 15 to 20 minutes of work to get what you require.

Now that you know how to get Sharp Claw, visit our Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough for all your future needs.

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