Great Sword upgrade tree and crafting materials - Monster Hunter: World

We break down the essential statistics and required crafting materials for all of the ore and bone Great Swords in Monster Hunter: World.


Sometimes hunters and warriors want to wield a weapon that's so fearsome that the mere sight of it will send foes running. Enter the Great Sword, Monster Hunter: World's edged weapon type that allows players to slash and dice beasts with a sword that's as powerful as it is massive. Like with the other weapon classes in the game, there are two different core types of Great Swords, both ore-based and bone-based, with all of the varieties therein requiring a series of different crafting materials in order to build. Keep reading to learn about all of the Great Swords in Monster Hunter: World, including their base damage, elemental damage, affinities, decoration options, and required crafting materials.

Great Sword ore statistics and crafting materials

Below players will find a list of the crafting materials and Zenny required to craft each of the ore-based Great Swords in Monster Hunter World. To increase the table's value as a reference, weapons are sorted first alphabetically, then by the series, then by base damage, where applicable. Players can find more information about specific weapons by heading over to the Monster Hunter: World wiki page.

Weapon Name Dmg Elem Affinity Decoration Crafting Requirements
Blooming Blade I 528 240 Pukei-Pukei Quill x2, Pukei-Pukei Scale x3, Poison Sac x1, 1,000 Zenny
Blooming Blade II 576 300 Coral Crystal x3, Pukei-Pukei Sac x2, Pukei-Pukei Shell x3, Pukei-Pukei Tail x1, 2,000 Zenny
Blooming Blade III 728 420 Monster Bone+ x2, Pukei-Pukei Quill x4, Pukei-Pukei Sac x2, Poison Sac x2, 4,000 Zenny
Buster Sword I 384 Iron Ore x1, 200 Zenny
Buster Sword II 432 Iron Ore x2, 200 Zenny
Buster Sword III 480 Earth Crystal x2, Machalite Ore x2, Iron Ore x5, 1,000 Zenny
Buster Blade I 576 Dragonite Ore x2, Machalite Ore x5, Monster Bone M x2, 2,000 Zenny
Buster Blade II 624 Monster Bone+ x2, Dragonite Ore x5, Coral Crystal x2, Machalite Ore x10, 4,000 Zenny
Buster Blade III 672 240 Carbalite Ore x8, Dragonite Ore x5, Dragonvein Crystal x2, 6,000 Zenny
Chrome Razor I 720 330 Fucium Ore x8, Carbalite Ore x5, Dragnote Ore x10, Dragonvein Crystal x3, 16,000 Zenny
Chrome Razor II 864 420 Elder Dragon Blood x2, Fucium Ore x13, Carbalite Ore x20, Firecell Stone x1, 32,000 Zenny
Datura Blaze I 720 420 Pukei-Pukei Scale+ x3, Pukei-Pukei Wing x2, Toxin Sac x2, Quality Bone x3, 6,000 Zenny
Datura Blaze II 768 480 Monster Hardbone x3, Pukei-Pukei Wing x3, Pukei-Pukei Carapace x5, Toxin Sac x2, 16,000 Zenny
Datura Blaze III 816 540 Vaal Hazak Wing x2, Pukei-Pukei Sac x5, Pukei-Pukei Wing x6, Bird Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Flame Blade I 672 120 +10% Rathalos Marrow x1, Rathalos Scale x1, Rathalos Webbing x2, Flame Sac x2, 4,000 Zenny
Flame Blade II 720 150 +10% Rathalos Scale x6, Rathalos Tail x2, Rathalos Plate x1, Inferno Sac x3, 8,000 Zenny
Freeze Blade I 576 240 Legiana Claw x3, Legiana Scale x4, Frost Sac x2, Coral Crystal x3, 4,000 Zenny
Freeze Blade II 624 270 Carbalite Ore x3, Legiana Tail Webbing x2, Legiana Webbing x3, Shamos Scale+ x5, 6,000 Zenny
Frost Blaze I 720 330 Fucium Ore x5, Legiana Scale+ x5, Legiana Wing x3, Freezer Sac x3, 16,000 Zenny
Frost Blaze II 768 390 Elder Dragon Blood x3, Legiana Claw+ x5, Legiana Hide+ x3, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Girros Blade I 528 210 +15% Great Girros Fang x1, Great Girros Scale x3, Girros Fang x3, 2,000 Zenny
Girros Blade II 624 240 +15% Diablos Fang x2, Great Girros Fang x3, Great Girros Hood x2, Paralysis Sac x2, 4,000 Zenny
Jagras Blade I 528 Buster Sword II, Great Jagras Claw x1, Great Jagras Hide x1, Great Jagras Scale x3, Sharp Claw x1, 1,000 Zenny
Jagras Blade II 576 Great Jagras Claw x2, Great Jagras Mane x2, Coral Bone x2, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw x3, 2,000 Zenny
Jagras Blade III 672 Monster Bone+ x3, Great Jagras Scale x5, Great Jagras Claw x3, Great Jagras Mane x3, 4,000 Zenny
Jagras Hacker I 816 210 Great Jagras Scale x6, Great Jagras Claw+ x4, Great Jagras Mane x6, Piercing Claw x5, 6,000 Zenny
Jagras Hacker II 864 240 Monster Hardbone x4, Great Jagras Claw+ x6, Jagras Hide+ x6, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw+ x5, 16,000 Zenny
Jagras Hacker III 912 300 Vaal Hazak Talon x2, Great Jagras Claw+ x8, Great Jagras Hide+ x8, Novacrystal x1, 32,000 Zenny
Lava Blaze I 768 270 Lavasioth Fin+ x2, Lavasioth Fang+ x2, Lavasioth Scale+ x4, 16,000 Zenny
Lava Blaze II 864 330 Teostra Mane x2, Lavasioth Fin+ x3, Lavasioth Fang+ x3, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Lightning Punisher I 672 180 Carbalite Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Scale + x4, Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+ x3, Vespoid Innerwing x3, 6,000 Zenny
Lightning Punisher II 816 210 Fucium Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode + x2, Tobi-Kadachi Membrane x4, Thunder Sac x3, 16,000 Zenny
Lightning Punisher III 912 240 Elder Dragon Blood x3, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode + x4, Tobi-Kadachi Claw + x6, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Malady's Kiss I 672 270 +20% Great Girros Fang+ x3, Great Girros Scale+ x5, Great Girros Tail x2, Girros Scale+ x6, 6,000 Zenny
Malady's Kiss II 720 360 +20% Blos Medulla x1, Great Girros Fang+ x2, Great Girros Hood+ x2, Omniplegia Sac x4, 16,000 Zenny
Malady's Kiss III 768 450 +20% Vaal Hazak Fang+ x2, Great Girros Fang+ x5, Great Girros Hood+ x3, Bird Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Nergal Judicator 984 120 Nergigante Talon x3, Nergigante Regrowth Plate x4, Nergigante Tail x2, Nergigante Carapace x2, 32,000 Zenny
Purgation's Atrocity 1,008 150 Xeno'jiiva Horn x2, Nergigante Horn + x5, Nergigante Talon x5, Nergigante Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Red Wing 768 180 +15% Rathalos Scale+ x6, Rathalos Carapace x4, Rathalos Wing x2, Rathalos Medulla x1, 24,000 Zenny
Blue Wing 816 240 +15% Azure Rathalos Scale+ x6, Azure Rathalos Carapace x4, Azure Rathalos Wing x3, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Rathalos Glinsword 912 240 +15% Teostra Horn+ x2, Azure Rathalos Scale+ x8, Azure Rathalos Tail x3, Rathalos Ruby x1, 56,000 Zenny
Thunder Blade I 528 120 Dragonite Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode x1, Tobi-Kadachi Claw x2, Electro Sac x1, 2,000 Zenny
Thunder Blade II 624 150 Monster Bone + x2, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode x2, Tobi-Kadachi Membrane x2, Coral Crystal x3, 4,000 Zenny

Great Sword bone statistics and crafting materials

Players looking to up their damage output will surely be interested in crafting a Great Sword from the bones of their fallen foes. Here's the list of the crafting materials and Zenny required to craft each of the bone-based Great Swords in Monster Hunter World.

Weapon Name Dmg Elem Affinity Decoration Crafting Requirements
Aqua Slasher I 576  120 Boulder Bone x2, Jyuratodus Shell x1, Jyuratodus Scale x3, Aqua Sac x1, 1,000 Zenny
Aqua Slasher II 624  150 Sturdy Bone x5, Jyuratodus Fin x3, Jyuratodus Fang x2, Gajau Skin x3, 2,000 Zenny
Aqua Slasher III 672  180 Monster Bone+ x2, Jyuratodus Fang x4, Coral Bone x2, Gajau Whisker x3, 4,000 Zenny
Barroth Shredder I 816 270 -20% Barroth Claw+ x2, Barroth Carapace x3, Barroth Ridge+ x2, Kestodan Carapace x5, 6,000 Zenny
Barroth Shredder II 864 330 -20% Diablos Carapace x3, Barroth Claw+ x1, Barroth Carapace x3, Gestodon Carapace x5, 16,000 Zenny
Barroth Shredder III 960 390 -20% Negigante Horn+ x1, Barroth Claw+ x5, Barroth Ridge+ x5, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Berserker Sword 1,008  180 -30% Deviljho Scale x6, Deviljho Talon x2, Deviljho Tallfang x3, Deviljho Saliva x2, 24,000 Zenny
Anguish 1,104  240 -30% Elder Dragon Blood x4, Deviljho Tallfang x5, Deviljho Scalp x2, Deviljho Gem x1, 54,000 Zenny
Blacksteel Chopper I 480  90 +10% Dragonvein Crystal x10, Earth Crystal x10, Coral Crystal x10, Lightcrystal x1, 12,000 Zenny
Blacksteel Chopper II 576  120 +10% Firecell Stone x1, Fucium Ore x5, Carbalite Ore x10, Wyvern Gem x1, 16,000 Zenny
Bone Blade I 480 Monster Bone S x2, 200 Zenny
Bone Blade II 528 Monster Bone S x2, 200 Zenny
Bone Blade III 576 Monster Bone M x2, Ancient Bone x1, 1,000 Zenny
Bone Slasher I 672 Monster Bone L x1, Monster Bone M x5, Boulder Bone x2, 2,000 Zenny
Bone Slasher II 720 Monster Bone+ x2, Monster Bone L x1, Sturdy Bone x4, 4,000 Zenny
Bone Slasher III 768  180 Monster Keenbone x2, Monster Bone+ x2, Quality Bone x2, 6,000 Zenny
Carapace Buster I 624 -20% Barroth Claw x1, Barroth Shell x3, Barroth Ridge x2, 1,000 Zenny
Carapace Buster II 672 -20% Dragonite Ore x3, Barroth Claw x2, Barroth Tail x1, Kestodon Shell x3, 2,000 Zenny
Carapace Buster III 720 -20% Diablos Shell x3, Barroth Claw x4, Barroth Scalp x2, Monster Bone+ x3, 4,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Cleaver I 480  270 Warped Bone x5, Coral Bone x5, Boulder Bone x5, Ancient Bone x5, 4,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Cleaver II 576  330 Monster Bone+ x6, Monster Bone L x8, Sturdy Bone x8, 4,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Cleaver III 768  420 Elder Dragon Bone x10, Brutal Bone x4, Dragonbone Relic x2, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Empress Galea 864 210 Lunastra Scale+ x4, Lunastra Horn x3, Lunastra Mane x3, Lunastra Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Empress Galea Blaze 864 270 +20% Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Horn x2, Teostra Horn+ x3, Bazelgeuse Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Empress Galea Ruin 912 210 Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Wing x3, Nergigante Horn+ x3, Nergigante Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Empress Galea Styx 864 330 +10% Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Tail x2, Xeno'jiva Horn x3, Xeno'jiva Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Flammenzahn 720 240 -30% Anjanath Fang x3, Anjanath Scale x3, Anjanath Pelt x2, Flame Sac x2, 2,000 Zenny
Flammenzahn+ 864 300 -30% Anjanath Fang+ x4, Anjanath Scale+ x5, Inferno Sac x3, Anjanath Plate x1, 8,000 Zenny
Gnashing Flammenzahn 1,008 480 -30% Vaal Hazak Fang+ x5, Anjanath Pelt+ x4, Anjanath Nosebone+ x2, Anjanath Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Giant Jawblade I 816  240 Monster Hardbone x4, Monster Keenbone x6, Quality Bone x10, 16,000 Zenny
Giant Jawblade II 912  300 Elder Dragon Bone x4, Monster Hardbone x6, QUality Bone x20, Dragonbone Relic x1, 32,000 Zenny
Hazak Kys 912  300 Vall Hazak Talon x4, Vaal Hazak Fang+ x5, Deceased Scale x6, Vaal Hazak Membrane x4, 32,000 Yenny
Icesteel Edge 816  210 Daora Claw+ x3, Daora Webbing x4, Nergigante Carapace x5, Daora Tail x2, 32,000 Zenny
Daora's Decimater 864  270 Xeno'jiva Wing x2, Daora Horn+ x5, Daora Claw+ x4, Daora Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Leviathan's Fury 960  300 Xeno'jiva Veil x3, Vaal Hazak Talon x6, Vaal Hazak Tail x2, Vaal Hazak Gem x1, 56,000 Yenny
Magda Potestas I 768 330 -20% Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale x4, Zorah Magdaros Carapace x8, Zorah Magdaros Magma x4, Zorah Magdaros Gem x1, 6,000 Zenny
Magda Potestas II 1,056 420 -20% Xeno'jiva Shell x4, Zorah Magdaros Ridge x3, Zorah Magdaros Pleura x2, Firecell Stone x3, 56,000 Zenny
Radobaan Slab I 768 210 Radobaan Carapace x4, Radobaan Oilsell x3, Coma Sac x2, Monster Keenbone x3, 8,000 Zenny
Radobaan Slab II 816 240 Monster Hardbone x5, Radobaan Scale+ x8, Coma Sac x3, Radobaan Medulla x1, 24,000 Zenny
Radobaan Slab III 912 270 Elder Dragon Bone x5, Radobaan Carapace x5, Coma Sac x4, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Spiked Blade I 624 150 Wyvern Bonemass x2, Radobaan Scale x4, Sleep Sac x2, 2,000 Zenny
Spiked Blade II 672 180 Monster Bone+ x3, Wyvern Bonemass x3, Radobaan Oilshell x2, Radobaan Marrow x1, 4,000 Zenny
Thundersword 526  390 Kirin Thunderhorn x3, Kirin Hide x3, Kirin Tail x1, Lightcrystal x1, 4,000 Zenny
Kirin Thundersword 720  480 Kirin Azure Horn x4, Kirin Hide+ x5, Kirin Mane x4, Dragonvein Crystal x5, 32,000 Zenny
King Thundersword 768  540 Xeno'jiva Shell x4, Kirin Azure Horn x6, Kirin Thundertail x3, Novacrystal x2, 56,000 Zenny
Water Golem I 768  240 Quality Bone x5, Jyuratodus Carapace x2, Jyuratodus Scale+ x3, Gajau Scale x5, 6,000 Zenny
Water Golem II 816  270 Monster Hardbone x3, Jyuratodus Fine+ x4, Torrent Sac x3, Grand Gajau Whisker x3, 16,000 Zenny
Water Golem III 912  300 Elder Dragon Bone x4, Jyuratodus Fin+ x6, Jyuratodus Fang+ x5, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Wyvern Ignition Steel 720 -15% Master Craftsman's Blueprint x2, Dragonite Ore x7, Paolumu Webbing x2, Rathalos Marrow x2, 8,000 Zenny
Wyvern Ignition Impact 1,008 510 -15% Master Craftsman's Blueprint x3, Elder Dragon Blood x2, Firecell Stone x5, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Wyvern Jawblade 864 240 Hunter King Coin x5, Rathalos COin x4, Barroth Coin x4, Novacrystal x1, 32,000 Zenny
Great Wyvern Jawblade 960 330 Ace Hunter Coin x5, Brute Coin x4, Flying Coin x4, Wyvern Gem x2, 56,000 Zenny
Xeno Maliq 816 210 +15% Xeno'jiva Claw x4, Xeno'jiva Shell x6, Xeno'jiva Tail x2, Xeno'jiva Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny

This guide is only the second part of our expansive coverage concerning weapon crafting in Monster Hunter: World. For more great coverage concerning Capcom's expansive monster-slaying adventure, be sure to stop by Shacknews' Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough.

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