Where to find Nourishing Extract in Monster Hunter: World

There are few places to find Nourishing Extract, and they're all extremely dangerous.


As players progress through the main story in Monster Hunter: World, running into a hunt without preparing can quickly lead to disaster. To avoid feinting and losing precious zenny, it’s important to craft items to boost a hunter’s strengths, which is where Nourishing Extract comes into play.

Nourishing Extract is one of the two ingredients required in crafting an Ancient Potion, a resource that will help players take more damage and fight for longer. Unfortunately, Nourishing Extracts don’t exactly grow on trees, so finding them is going to be a challenge.

Where to find Nourishing Extract

Players who wish to get their hands on copious amounts of Nourishing Extract will need to start farming three of Monster Hunter: World’s large monsters: Odogaron, Paolumu, and Dodogoma. These three monsters all have a chance of rewarding the precious extract upon death, which means it can be a good idea to use Investigations to farm the ingredient.

The best option is to enter a High Rank expedition and begin collecting clues of the monster players wish to hunt. After collecting enough clues, a few Investigations featuring that monster will be added to the Resource Center. Use the Resource Center to find an Investigation that grands Gold rewards to improve the odds of receiving the Nourishing Extract. It’s also a good idea to activate a Lucky Voucher before starting the quest.

Hunt the monster, being sure to capture it, and at the reward screen, look out for the Nourishing Extract. Once you have enough, combine it with a Kelbi Horn to create the Ancient Potion, a consumable that fully restores health and maximises the size of the health and stamina bars. If you’re looking for where to find other resources and materials, check out Shacknews’ complete crafting material list and locations guide!

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