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Check out our complete list of all Monster Hunter: World crafting materials, their locations, rarities, and the monsters they drop from.


Players making their first drop into Monster Hunter: World are in for quite the surprise, as Capcom's latest open-world game is a frankly massive experience. In addition to tracking and hunting monsters, players will also be tasked with crafting weapons uses various materials found all over the world. Naturally, getting every little piece needed to craft a weapon won't be easy, but we're hoping to alleviate some of that pressure by offering up a list of where players can find any material they need. Keep reading to learn about all of the crafting materials in Monster Hunter: World.

All Crafting Materials and locations in Monster Hunter: World

There are hundreds of different crafting materials in Monster Hunter: World, with some materials being rare or upgraded versions of previous items. Tracking down everything needed to craft the player's favorite weapons will take some effort, which is why we've compiled a complete list of all the different items in the game, where they can be acquired and/or which monsters they drop from, plus the rarity of each individual item.

Since Monster Hunter: World is such a tremendous game, this list will expand as we find more information about monster drops and locations for different materials. For convenience we've alphabetized the following list, but readers may prefer to use their browser's search function (often Ctrl+F) to find the item listing they're looking for.

Material Location / Dropped by Rarity
Ancient Bone Bonepiles in Ancient Forest 4
Anjanath Fang Anjanath 4
Anjanath Fang+ Anjanath 6
Anjanath Gem Anjanath  
Ace Hunter Coin   8
Advanced Armor Sphere   6
Anjanath Nosebone Anjanath 4
Anjanath Nosebone+ Anjanath 6
Anjanath Pelt Anjanath 4
Anjanath Pelt+ Anjanath 6
Anjanath Plate Anjanath 5
Adamant Seed   2
Anjanath Scale Anjanath 4
Anjanath Scale+ Anjanath 6
Anjanath Tail Anjanath 4
Antidote   1
Antidote Herb Ancient Forest 1
Aqua Fang    
Aqua Sac Jyuratodus 4
Aquacore Ore Blue Mining Outcrops in Coral Highlands 4
Armor Sphere Quest reward 4
Armor Sphere+ Quest reward 5
Astera Jerky Provisions Stockpile (purchase) 2
Attack Jewel   7
Azure Rathalos Carapace Azure Rathalos 6
Azure Rathalos Scale+ Azure Rathalos 6
Azure Rathalos Tail Azure Rathalos 6
Azure Rathalos Wing Azure Rathalos 6
Azure Star Shard    
Baitbug   3
Barnos Talon Barnos 6
Barnos Hide+ Barnos 6
Barroth Carapace Barroth 6
Barroth Coin Barroth (Arena)  
Barroth Claw Barroth 4
Barroth Claw+ Barroth 6
Barroth Ridge Barroth 4
Barroth Ridge+ Barroth 6
Barroth Scalp Barroth 4
Barroth Shell Barroth 4
Barroth Tail Barroth 4
Bazelgeuse Carapace Bazelgeuse  
Bazelgeuse Fuse Bazelgeuse  
Bazelgeuse Gem Bazelgeuse  
Bazelgeuse Scale+ Bazelgeuse 6
Bazelgeuse Tail Bazelgeuse  
Bazelgeuse Talon Bazelgeuse  
Bazelgeuse Wing Bazelgeuse  
Behemoth Bone Behemoth  
Behemoth Great Horn Behemoth  
Behemoth Mane Behemoth  
Behemoth Shearclaw Behemoth  
Behemoth Tail Behemoth  
Bird Wyvern Gem Bird Wyverns 7
Bitterbug Entomology (Ancient Forest) 1
Black Bandage    
Black Diablos Carapace    
Black Diablos Ridge+    
Black Spiral Horn+    
Blastnut   1
Blazenut   2
Blos Medulla Diablos  
Blue Mushroom Blue Mushroom Patches 2
Bomb Arowana    
Bomb Arowana Scale   2
Boomerang Provisions Stockpile (purchase) 4
Botany Jewel   5
Brutal Bone   6
Brute Coin    
Burnt Meat Raw Meat 1
Burst Arowana    
Bomb Pod    
Bomberry (common) 2
Boulder Bone Bonepile in Wildspire Spine 4
Brightmoss Ancient Forest  
Carbalite Ore Blue Mining Outcrop 6
Coma Sac Radobaan 6
Commendation A Colossal Task and One For the History Books (quest reward) 5
Coral Bone Bonepiles at Coral Highlands 4
Coral Crystal Mining Outcrops at Coral Highlands 4
Daora Carapace Kushala Daora 7
Daora Claw+ Kushala Daora 7
Daora Dragon Scale+ Kushala Daora 7
Daora Gem Kushala Daora  
Daora Horn+ Kushala Daora 7
Daora Tail Kushala Daora 7
Daora Webbing Kushala Daora 7
Deceased Scale    
Devil's Blight   2
Diablos Carapace    
Diablos Fang Diablos (break head) 4
Diablos Marrow Diablos (body) 4
Diablos Ridge Diablos (reward) 4
Diablos Shell Diablos (body) 4
Diablos Tailcase Diablos (body) ??
Dodogama Hide+    
Dodogama Jaw    
Dodogama Scale+    
Dodogama Tail    
Dodogama Talon    
Dragon Treasure    
Dragoncore Ore Elder Dragons  
Dragonfell Berry   4
Divine Apple Tough-skinned Fruit in Wildspire Spine  
Dragonbloom Found In Round Cactus in Wildspire Spine (Sector 5)  
Dragonbone Relic   7
Dragonite Ore Red Mining Outcrop 4
Dragonstrike Nut   2
Dragonvein Crystal Red Mining Outcrop in Wildspire Spine (Sector 5) 6
Dreamcore Ore   7
Dundormarin   4
Dung   1
Earth Crystal Mining Outcrop in Wildspire Waste 4
Elder Dragon Blood   7
Elder Dragon Bone   7
Electro Sac   4
Elysian Fruit Crimson Fruit (Rotten Vale)  
Empty Phial   1
Exciteshroom   3
Fertile Mud Barroth (Wildspire Waste) 4
Fire Dragonscale+ Teostra  
Fire Herb Ancient Forest 2
Firecell Stone   7
First Wyverian Print Reward from investigation missions 4
Flame Sac Rathalos / Rathian 4
Flamenut   2
Flashbug   2
Flowfern Ancient Forest 1
Flying Coin    
Forgotten Fossil Ancient Fossil (Rotten Vale)  
Freezer Sac   6
Frost Sac   4
Fucium Ore   6
Gajau Scale Gajau 6
Gajau Skin Gajau 4
Gajau Whisker Gajau 4
Gama Coin    
Gastodon Carapace   6
Gastodon Horn Obtained by carving 6
Gastodon Tuna    
Great Sushifish Scale   4
Girros Hide Girros  4
Girros Hide+ Girros 6
Girros Fang Girros 4
Girros Scale Girros 4
Girros Scale+   6
Gilded Scale    
Gilded Scale+    
Glutton Tuna    
Godbug Entomology in Ancient Forest 4
Golden Egg    
Golden Scale    
Golden Scale+    
Great Bomb Arowana Scale   4
Great Gajau Whisker    
Great Girros Fang Great Girros 4
Great Girros Hide Great Girros (reward) 4
Great Girros Hide+ Great Girros (reward) 6
Great Girros Hood Great Girros (break head) 4
Great Girros Hood+ Great Girros (break head) 6
Great Girros Scale Great Girros (body) 4
Great Girros Scale+ Great Girros (body) 6
Great Girros Tail Great Girros  
Great Hornfly Obtained through Botanical Research 5
Great Jagras Claw+   6
Great Jagras Claw Great Jagras (break forelegs) 4
Great Jagras Hide+   6
Great Jagras Hide Great Jagras (body) 4
Great Jagras Mane Great Jagras (break head) 4
Great Jagras Scale Great Jagras (body) 4
Great Jagras Scale+   6
Great Burst Arowana Scale   4
Gunpowder Level 2 (crafted) 2
Gunpowder Level 3 (crafted) 2
Gunpowderfish Scale   3
Great Gunpowderfish Scale   4
Hard Armor Sphere   7
Hardshell Powder   4
Hardfruit Tough-skinned Fruit in Wildspire Spine  
Heavenberry Crimson Fruit (Rotten Vale)  
Heavy Armor Sphere    
Herb (common) 1
Herbivore Egg    
Hero's Streamstone: Sword    
Hero's Streamstone: Blade    
Hero's Streamstone: Hammer    
Hero's Streamstone: Lance    
Hero's Streamstone: Axe    
Hero's Streamstone: Shaft    
Hero's Streamstone: Ranged    
High Commendation   7
High Quality Pelt small animals (rare drop) 6
Honey Multiple Locations (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste) 2
Hornetaur Carapace Hornetaur 6
Hornetaur Head Hornetaur (Rotten Vale) 4
Hornetaur Innerwing Hornetaur  
Hornetaur Shell Hornetaur (Rotten Vale) 4
Hornetaur Wing Hornetaur (Rotten Vale) 4
Hunter King Coin    
Immortal Dragonscale Nergigante (body) 7
Inferno Sac   6
Iron Ore Mining in Ancient Forest 4
Ivy Rotten Vale 1
Jagras Hide Jagras 4
Jagras Hide+   6
Jagras Scale Jagras 4
Jagras Scale+   6
Jewel Cactus Round Cactus in Wildspire Spine (Sector 5)  
Jyuratodus Fang Jyuratodus (break head) 4
Jyuratodus Fang+ Jyuratodus 6
Jyuratodus Fin Jyuratodus (break back) 4
Jyuratodus Fin+ Jyuratodus 6
Jyuratodus Scale Jyuratodus (body) 4
Jyuratodus Scale+ Jyuratodus 6
Jyuratodus Shell Jyuratodus (reward) 4
Kelbi Horn Kelbi (body)  
Kestodon Carapace Kestodon (body)      6
Kestodon Scalp Kestodon (break head) 4
Kestodon Shell Kestodon (body) 4
Kirin Azure Horn Kirin  
Kirin Hide Kirin  
Kirin Hide+ Kirin  
Kirin Mane Kirin  
Kirin Tail Kirin  
Kirin Thunderhorn Kirin  
Kirin Thundertail Kirin  
Kingly Cactus Round Cactus in Wildspire Spine  
Kulu Coin Kulu-Ya-Ku (Arena) 4
Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak Kulu-Ya-Ku (break head) 4
Kulu-Ya-ku Beak+ Kulu-Ya-Ku 6
Material Location / Dropped by Rarity
Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide Kulu-Ya-Ku (body) 4
Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+ Kulu-Ya-Ku 6
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume Kulu-Ya-Ku (break forelimbs) 4
Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+ Kulu-Ya-Ku 6
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale Kulu-Ya-Ku (reward) 4
Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+ Kulu-Ya-Ku 6
Large Barrel   2
Large Wyvern Gem    
Large Wyvern Tear    
Latchberry   1
Lava Nugget Uragaan  
Lavasioth Carapace Lavasioth  
Lavasioth Fang+ Lavasioth 6
Lavasioth Fin+ Lavasioth 6
Lavasioth Scale+ Lavasioth 6
Legiana Claw Legiana 4
Legiana Claw+ Legiana 6
Legiana Gem Legiana  
Legiana Hide Legiana (reward) 4
Legiana Hide+ Legiana 6
Legiana Plate Legiana (body) 5
Legiana Scale Legiana (body) 4
Legiana Scale+ Legiana (body) 6
Legiana Tail Webbing Legiana 4
Legiana Webbing Legiana 4
Legiana Wing Legiana  
Lightcrystal Blue Mining Outcrops 5
Loc Lac Ore   5
Machalite Ore Mining in Ancient Forest 4
Majestic Horn Black Diablos  
Mandragora (quest reward) 3
Might Seed Herb Gathering in Wildspire Spine  2
Monster Bone+ Reward from High Rank Monster Slaying Missions 4
Monster Bone S Bonepiles in Ancient Forest 4
Monster Bone M Rank Monster Slaying Missions (low to medium quest reward) 4
Monster Bone L High Rank Monster Slaying Missions (medium to high quest reward) 4
Monster Broth Hornetaur, Vespoid 6
Monster Fluid insects 4
Monster Keenbone High Rank Monster Slaying (quest reward) 6
Monster HardBone High Rank Monster Slaying (Black Diablos and Uragaan) (quest reward) 6
Mosswine Hide Mosswine (body) 4
Mega Nutrients   5
Needleberry (common) 1
Nergigante Carapace Nergigante 7
Nergigante Gem Nergigante  
Nergigante Horn+ Nergigante 7
Nergigante Regrowth Plate Nergigante (rare drop) 7
Nergigante Tail Nergigante (break tail) 7
Nergigante Talon Nergigante (body) 7
Nitroshroom Wildspire Waste (common) 2
Nourishing Extract Odogaron, Paolumu, Dodogama 4
Novacrystal Red Mining Outcrops 7
Nulberry (common) 2
Nutrients   2
Odogaron Claw Odogaron (break forelegs) 4
Odogaron Claw+ Odogaron  
Odogaron Fang Odogaron 4
Odogaron Fang+ Odogaron  
Odogaron Gem Odogaron  
Odogaron Plate Odogaron  
Odogaron Scale Odogaron (body) 4
Odogaron Scale+ Odogaron  
Odogaron Sinew Odogaron (reward) 4
Odogaron Sinew+ Odogaron  
Odogaron Tail Odogaron(tail) 4
Omniplegia Sac Great Girros 6
Paolumu Carapace+ Paolumu 6
Paolumu Pelt Paolumu (reward) 4
Paolumu Pelt+ Paolumu 6
Paolumu Scale Paolumu (body) 4
Paolumu Scale+ Paolumu 6
Paolumu Shell Paolumu (break tail) 4
Paolumu Webbing Paolumu (break wings) 4
Paolumu Wing Paolumu 6
Paralysis Sac Great Girros 4
Parashroom Ancient Forest 3
Pearl Oyster Coral Highlands (Sector 11)  
Platinum Scale    
Platinum Scale+    
Piercing Claw Girros, Jagras, Shamos 6
Pink Rathian Carapace Pink Rathian 6
Pink Rathian Scale+ Pink Rathian 6
Piercing Pod    
Pinnacle Coin Arena 4
Poison Sac Pukei-Pukei 4
Pukei Coin Arena (Pukei-Pukei)  4
Pukei-Pukei Quill Pukei-Pukei (break wings) 4
Pukei-Pukei Sac Pukei-Pukei (break head) 4
Pukei-Pukei Sac+ Pukei-Pukei (break head) 6
Pukei-Pukei Scale Pukei-Pukei (body) 4
Pukei-Pukei Scale+ Pukei-Pukei (body) 6
Pukei-Pukei Shell Pukei-Pukei (reward) 4
Pukei-Pukei Carapace Pukei-Pukei (body) 6
Pukei-Pukei Tail Pukei-Pukei (tail) 4
Pukei-Pukei Wing Pukei-Pukei (break wings) 6
Quality Bone Bonepile in Wildspire Spine (Sector 15) 6
Radobaan Marrow Radobaan (body) 4
Radobaan Medulla Radobaan (body) 6
Radobaan Oilshell Radobaan (break tail) 4
Radobaan Scale Radobaan (body) 4
Radobaan Scale+ Radobaan (body) 6
Radobaan Shell Radobaan (reward) 4
Radobaan Carapace Radobaan (reward) 6
Rath Wingtalon Rathalos & Rathian (break wings) 4
Rathalos Carapace Rathalos 6
Rathalos Coin    
Rathalos Marrow Rathalos 4
Rathalos Plate Rathalos (body) 5
Rathalos Ruby Rathalos 7
Rathalos Scale Rathalos (body) 4
Rathalos Scale+ Rathalos Scale 6
Rathalos Shell Rathalos (reward) 4
Rathalos Tail Rathalos (break tail) 4
Rathalos Webbing Rathalos (break wings) 4
Rathalos Wing Rathalos (break wings) 6
Rathian Carapace Rathian 6
Rathian Coin Rathian  
Rathian Plate Rathian 4
Rathian Ruby Rathian  
Rathian Scale Rathian 4
Rathian Scale+ Rathian 6
Rathian Shell Rathian (reward) 4
Rathian Spike Rathian (break tail) 4
Rathian Spike+ Rathian 6
Rathian Webbing Rathian (break wings) 4
Raw Meat Apceros (body), Kelbi (body) 1
Redpit (common)  
Research Commission Ticket The White Winds of the New World (quest reward) 7
Rockfruit Tough-skinned Fruit in Wildspire Spine   
Screamer Sac    
Shamos Hide Shamos (Coral Highlands) 4
Shamos Hide+ Shamos (Coral Highlands) 6
Shamos Scale Shamuos (Coral Highlands) 4
Shamos Scale+ Shamos (Coral Highlands) 6
Sharp Claw Girros, Jagras, Shamos 4
Sinister Cloth Tailrider Safari (quest reward) 5
Silver Egg    
Slashberry   1
Sleep Herb (common) 1
Sleep Sac   4
Small Barrel 1
Small Goldenfish    
Smokenut Ancient Forest, Coral Highlands, Wildspire Waste 1
Snow Herb (quest reward) 2
Spider Web Found in caves 1
Spiritcore Ore Blue Mining Outcrops in Wildspire Spine 6
Steel Egg   4
Sturdy Bone Bonepiles (Rotten Vale, Coral Highlands) 4
Sushifish Scale Sushifish (fishing)  
Tailraider Voucher Assist Lynians across the New World in Investigation Missions 4
Teostra Carapace Teostra 6
Teostra Claw+ Teostra 6
Teostra Gem Teostra  
Teostra Horn+ Teostra  
Teostra Mane Teostra  
Teostra Powder Teostra  
Teostra Tail Teostra  
Teostra Webbing Teostra  
Thorn Pod    
Thunder Sac    
Thunderbug   4
Toadstool   6
Tobi-Kadachi Claw Tobi-Kadachi (break forelimbs) 4
Tobi-Kadachi Claw+   6
Tobi-Kadachi Electrode Tobi-Kadachi (break head) 4
Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ Tobi-Kadachi 6
Tobi-Kadachi Membrane Tobi-Kadachi (body) 4
Tobi-Kadachi Pelt Tobi-Kadachi 4
Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+ Tobi-Kadachi 6
Tobi-Kadachi Scale Tobi-Kadachi (body) 4
Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ Tobi-Kadachi 6
Torrent Sac Jyuratodus 6
Toxin Sac Pukei-Pukei 6
Torch Pod    
Twisted Horn Diablos 4
Tzitzi Coin    
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (body) 4
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Claw+ Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (body) 6
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (reward) 4
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Hide+ Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (reward) 6
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (break pulse organ) 4
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Photophore+ Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (break pulse organ) 6
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (body) 4
Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Scale+ Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (body) 6
Unknown Skull   7
Uragaan Carapace Uragaan 6
Uragaan Jaw Uragaan 6
Uragaan Marrow Uragaan 6
Uragaan Ruby Uragaan  
Uragaan Scale+ Uragaan 6
Uragaan Scute Uragaan (carving severed tail) 6
Vaal Hazak Carapace Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Fang+ Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Gem Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Membrane Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Tail Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Talon Vaal Hazak  
Vaal Hazak Wing Vaal Hazak  
Val Habar Quartz    
Vespoid Carapace Vespoid 6
Vespoid Innerwing Vespoid 6
Vespoid Shell Vespoid (body) 4
Vespoid Wing Vespoid (body) 4
Voucher   4
Warm Pelt Kelbi (body) 4
Warped Bone Bone Piles (Rotten Vale) 4
Warrior's Streamstone: Sword    
Warrior's Streamstone: Blade    
Warrior's Streamstone: Hammer    
Warrior's Streamstone: Lance    
Warrior's Streamstone: Axe    
Warrior's Streamstone: Shaft    
Warrior's Streamstone: Ranged    
Whetfish Fin    
Whetfish Fin+ Great Whetfish (fishing) 4
White Liver    
Wingdrake Hide Noios (body) 4
Wingdrake Hide+ Noios 6
Wyvern Bonemass Radobaan 4
Wyvern Egg Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste  
Wyvern Gem Barroth, Diablos, Jyuratodus, Lavasioth, Paolumu, Radobbaan, Tobi-Kadachi 7
Wyvern Tear Monsters  
Xeno'jiiva Claw Xeno'jiiva  
Xeno'jiiva Gem Xeno'jiiva 8
Xeno'jiiva Horn Xeno'jiiva  
Xeno'jiiva Shell Xeno'jiiva  
Xeno'jiiva Soulscale Xeno'jiiva  
Xeno'jiiva Tail Xeno'jiiva  
Xeno'jiiva Veil Xeno'jiiva 7
Xeno'jiiva Wing Xeno'jiiva  
Zorah Magdaros Carapace Zorah Magdaros (rare drop) 6
Zorah Magdaros Gem Zorah Magdaros (rare reward) 7
Zorah Magdaros Heat Scale Zorah Magdaros (reward) 6
Zorah Magdaros Magma Zorah Magdaros (break head) 6
Zorah Magdaros Pleura Zorah Magdaros (break chest) 6
Zorah Magdaros Ridge Zorah Magdaros (reward) 6

There's so much more to do than craft weapons in Capcom's latest open world experience. To learn more about the game, including further details about weapon crafting, monster strategies, and more, be sure to stop by our Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough.

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