How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Armor in Monster Hunter World

Get your hands on the armor and bow of Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn in this limited Monster Hunter World event.


Another Monster Hunter World crossover event is here and this time it’s with one of Sony’s best titles, Horizon Zero Dawn. As part of this limited-time event, players on PlayStation 4 can unlock Aloy’s armor from Horizon Zero Dawn, along with her impressive bow!

How to Get Horizon Zero Dawn Armor

monster hunter world horizon zero dawn quest
The Proving is the name of the quest that eventually rewards the resources to craft the Horizon Zero Dawn armor and bow.

Getting your hands on Aloy’s armor from Horizon Zero Dawn is incredibly simple, but it will take some time, depending on your luck. Go to the nearest Quest Board and select Events. From here, select the quest called, The Proving. This quest requires you to hunt an Anjanath in the Ancient Forest within 50 minutes, and requires you to be at least Hunter Rank 11.

Complete the quest by either killing or trapping the Anjanath, at which point you will receive the “Nova Brave Trophy”. Now you need to repeat the process until you have four Nova Brave Trophies, a similar process to unlocking the Ryu armor.

monster hunter world horizon zero dawn crossover
After completing the event, you will be able to see the Aloy armor. You will need to repeat the quest a few times to get the necessary resources.

The Aloy armor set has the following skills associated with each of the pieces:

  • Affinity Sliding Level 1
  • Marathon Runner Level 2
  • Weakness Exploit Level 1
  • Stealth Level 2
  • Slinger Capacity Level 2
monster hunter world aloy horizon zero dawn skin
With the armor made, you will be able to look exactly like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Along with the base skills, you also receive armor skills based on equipping two or four pieces of the set:

  • Two pieces: Anjanath’s Will Adrenaline: Temporarily reduces stamina depletion when health is at 40% or lower
  • Four pieces: Anjanath’s Will Stamina Cap: Increases stamina cap

Keeping four pieces equipped at once is definitely a good idea, though the base skills on the armor aren’t anything to write home about, and you’re likely to have a better time with one of the other armor sets in Monster Hunter World.

How to Get Horizon Zero Dawn Bow

Thankfully, you actually earn the ability to create the bow after completing the quest “The Proving”, and while you need four Nova Brave Trophies to create the armor set, you need an additional two in order to craft Aloy’s bow. Along with the two Nova Brave Trophies, you will also need three Anjanath Fangs+, five Monster Kneebones, and one Anjanath Plate. Keep in mind that some of these rare items can be created by using the melding pot, so long as you have the necessary materials.

This special event in Monster Hunter World is set to wrap on March 14 at 6:59PM ET / 3:59PM PT, so jump online and grab your Horizon Zero Dawn armor and weapon while you can. Swing by our Monster Hunter World guide for additional event information and collectible guides

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