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We'll show you how to get the Hero King Coin in Monster Hunter World, but it won't be easy.


Monster Hunter World is full of hundreds, if not thousands, of materials that players must collect to craft the gear they seek. One of those items is the Hero King Coin, and it’s something that doesn’t just drop if you’re hunting the right monster. The Hero King Coin is only obtainable through a few quests, and we’ve got the list of them for you right here.

Hero King Coin

Hero King Coin Monster Hunter World

The Hero King Coin is generally awarded for either Arena Quests or Challenge Quests, both of which can be found in the Gathering Hub. Head there and speak to the Arena Lass. You have three options to earn the Hero King Coin, assuming you have them unlocked.

  • Arena Master Quest 06
  • Arena Master Quest 07
  • Challenge Quest 1: MR Expert
  • Challenge: Farewell to the Frozen

Each of the above quests will take players to an arena where they must fight a monster. These quests are unique in that they require players to choose between several available loadouts, but typically not their own.

Once one of the above activities has been completed successfully, players will earn a Hero King Coin for their trouble. This is used to craft several weapons, which you can browse through on the Monster Hunter World Wiki, but also the Guide Palace Alpha and Guild Palace Beta armor sets. In other words, most dedicated players are going to want at least one, if not more, Hero King Coins during their time in Monster Hunter World.

Now that players know how to get a Hero King Coin and what to do with it, be sure to visit our Monster Hunter World strategy guide. We’ve been hard at work mapping the entire game with dozens of guides, helping you with the base game as well as the Iceborne expansion.

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