Where to Find the Celestial Pursuit in Monster Hunter World

Locate the Celestial Pursuit in Monster Hunter: World and continue your journey of hunting dangeous creatures!


The vast lands of Monster Hunter: World are home to all sorts of wild fauna and flora, all vying to be hunted and harvested, though it’s not always easy to find them. To make matters more complicated, sometimes you’re tasked with finding an area that you might not have ever heard of, such as the Celestial Pursuit. For a lot of players, the Celestial Pursuit is a name that might not mean anything, especially when trying to remember all the large monsters in the game.

Where to Find the Celestial Pursuit

monster hunter world celestial pursuit location
The Celestial Pursuit is the ship sitting at the top of Astera.

The Celestial Pursuit refers to a place that can be found in the hub-world of Astera, specifically, the ship sitting at the very top of the area. You might remember that on the top level is a place called the Gathering Hub, a private section that can be used as a meeting point for you and your clan members – this ship is called the Celestial Pursuit.

Whenever a quest tasks you with heading to the Celestial Pursuit, or if someone wants to speak with you there, simply head to Astera, walk to the back of the area near the lifts, and go to the very top to the Gathering Hub. Problem solved. Not a lot of things refer to the Gathering Hub as the Celestial Pursuit, which is why it can be confusing when you're trying to find this area you've seemingly never heard of before.

Monster Hunter: World continues to be a game that absorbs dozens of hours of time, whether it’s trying to unlock Aloy’s armor or just trying to farm Anjanath gems, it’s downright addictive. We’re still thoroughly enjoying our time in the game, so if you’re in need of some hints, check out our Monster Hunter: World guide for everything you could ever need.

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