Where to Find Carbalite Ore in Monster Hunter World

Carbalite Ore is an essential resource for crafting in Monster Hunter World.


As players progress through Monster Hunter World and make repeated visits to the Smithy, they’ll start to see that the weapon tree is much larger than it first appeared. This is because players will eventually pass beyond regular Monster Hunter World and enter the realm of High Rank quests, expeditions, armor and weapons. What ties all these things together are High Rank materials. These are materials that you cannot get from Low Rank monsters and quests. One such material is Carbalite Ore, which will be essential to your crafting needs in the Monster Hunter World end game.

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Where to Find Carbalite Ore

Carbalite Ore Monster Hunter World

Carbalite Ore is found by mining outcrops while you’re participating in High Rank quests and expeditions. They are the same outcrops that you’ve been mining the entire game, but the materials they provide are different now that you’re participating in new activities. In turn, these new materials can be used to craft advanced versions of the weapons that you’ve been trying to upgrade at the Smithy.

To unlock High Hank content in Monster Hunter World, you must firsts complete the assigned quest called A Colossal Task. This is where you encounter Zorah Magdaros for the second time. Once you complete the quest and return to Astera, you’ll head out on an expedition to hunt a High Rank Pukei-Pukei. When you complete that quest, you’ll need to return to Astera one more time.

From Astera, you can find High Rank content by visiting the quest board or the resource center. These will be quests with six stars or more. You can also go on a High Rank expedition by walking to the exit of Astera and choosing between the two options. Once on a high rank expedition, look for outcrops. As you mine them there is a chance that Carbalite Ore will drop. It’s important to note, however, that if you mistakenly take on a regular quest, or go on a Low Rank expedition, you will not receive the High Rank rewards, be it Carbalite Ore or something else. You must be participating in the High Rank activities to get the rewards to match.

There’s a lot to see and do out there, so be sure to visit the Shacknews Monster Hunter World guide when you’re done collecting that Carbalite ore.

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