How to unlock Raider Ride in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Hunters can summon monsters and ride them to their destination using Raider Ride. Learn how to unlock it.


One of the new features coming out with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is called the Raider Ride. This will give players the ability to summon a smaller monster and ride it to a destination they pin on the map, all the while the Hunter can be preparing for the upcoming fight. In this guide, we’ll explain in detail how to unlock this feature.

Unlock Raider Ride

Raider Ride Monster Hunter World Iceborne

The first thing Hunters need to do to unlock the Raider Ride is befriend all other Grimalkyne Tribes in the game, which is how players can go about unlocking each of the Palico gadgets. It should be noted that I was able to unlock the Raider Ride after befriending only four of the tribes, and before I was finished with the Gajalaka in Elder's Recess.

Players should ensure that they have the following Grimalkyne Tribes:

  • Bugtrappers (Ancient Forest)
  • Protectors (Wildspire Waste)
  • Troupers (Coral Highlands)
  • Plunderers (Rotten Vale)
  • Gajalaka (Elder’s Recess)

For anyone not sure how to befriend each tribe, try our Palico Gadgets guide for further details, then head back to this guide when you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

After unlocking the Palico Gadget for the first four regions (Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale) players will end up on a Critical Bounty called Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics, and then Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II by speaking to the Lynian Researcher. When I arrived in the Elder's Recess to complete Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II, my Palico wanted to speak to me and the game informed me about the Raider Ride and how I'd unlocked it. If this doesn't happen for you, be sure to continue with the process of befriending all Grimalkyne Tribes, including the one in Hoarfrost Reach.

There will now be three things you need to do in order to unlock the Tailraider Signal, the final Palico Gadget you should need if you've been following this guide. Speak to the Lynian Researcher (probably located in Seliana at this point) to get the next few instructions. If this doesn't work, load into an expedition on Hoarfrost Reach and visit the Lynian Researcher there. Once you have the quest steps, visit the Resource Center any time to see them listed under Critical Bounties, but you can also look at the list below:

  • Hunt a large monster in Hoarfrost Reach
  • Attend the Boaboa council meeting in their lair
  • Complete a quest called By Our Powers Combined

Once all these steps are done the Raider Ride should be unlocked as should the Tailraider Signal, and then it’s on to your next adventure. Visit our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne topic to see all our guides and news, keeping you current on all things important to a Hunter.

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