How to use the Clutch Claw - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Clutch Claw has many uses in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but it'll take some practice to master them all.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne didn’t just introduce new monsters, it also came with a new gameplay mechanic in the form of the Clutch Claw. This device, given to all players, will allow Hunters to grapple onto a monster at any time and perform a series of maneuvers. It’s simple to use, but a bit more involved for those hoping to master it.

Below we have broken down the various options for the Clutch Claw based on platform and control options. Unfortunately, the PC version of the game automatically sets up controls for certain things based on the type of mouse that you have, so your basic controls may differ from ours if you do not have a mouse with extra buttons.

How to use the Clutch Claw

Clutch Claw Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

We’ll begin with the most basic use possible with the Clutch Claw, and that’s how to deploy it and attempt to grapple onto a monster.

  • PS4: L2 + Circle
  • Xbox One: Left Trigger + B
  • PC: RMB + MB5 

Those button combinations will deploy the Clutch Claw whether a Hunter’s weapon is sheathed or not. It must be aimed, though, and doesn’t have a long deployment range. Expect to enter the danger zone to use the Clutch Claw most of the time.

Before even deploying the Clutch Claw, it is advised that players stagger the monster to avoid being tossed aside and taking damage. Attack a monster to stun it, then deploy the Clutch Claw, aiming for whatever part of the body they intend for the attack.

Once players have successfully grappled onto the monster, there are several options that range from basic attacks to changing the direction the monster is headed.

  • Change direction: Circle (PS4) or B (Xbox One) or MB5 (PC)
  • Flinch shot: R2 (PS4) or Right Trigger (Xbox One) or LMB (PC)
  • Weapon attack: Triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) or MB4 (PC)

Changing a monster’s direction has many uses. These range from directing it to walk into a trap to simply guiding it away from an area players wish to avoid fighting in. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is one of the best games out there for environmental combat, so it should be cool to see how folks utilize this move in the coming weeks.

The flinch shot is more about stunning a monster once a Hunter has grappled onto it. This move will fire all slinger ammo, but it will knock the monster back. If the Monster is near a cliff or wall, it will either fall off or slam into the wall and topple over, making it extremely vulnerable to attacks. It's important to note that the monster will stagger in the direction its facing, so use the maneuver to change its direction to line it up with a cliff or wall.

The weapon attack is the most basic and easy to master move once a monster has been hit with the Clutch Claw. This move will cause damage, but it will also soften a monster’s hide. When a monster’s hide has been softened, attacks are less likely to be deflected, even if players are targeting hard parts. The weapon attack can also be used to obtain slinger ammo, which could then be utilized in the flinch shot.

Knowing which move to utilize will come with experience, as will knowing when to deploy the Clutch Claw in the first place. Luckily, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has a quest to make the transition easier. Head to any Quest Board and select Low Rank / High Rank, then Level 1 (one star). The quest is called Learning the Clutch and will take players through its uses in a controlled environment.

Now that folks know how to use the Clutch Claw, check out our other content via the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne topic on Shacknews. You can also view everything we've ever written about the game with our Monster Hunter World guide hub.

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