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What is the Weakness Exploit in Monster Hunter World?

The Weakness Exploit is one of the more deceiving names for a skill in Monster Hunter World.


Like most, when I first heard of the Weakness Exploit in Monster Hunter: World, I assumed that it was an actual exploit. I come from the world of Destiny and Destiny 2, where it’s not uncommon to find a cheese for a boss fight, or a way to farm materials faster than intended. In Monster Hunter World, though, the Weakness Exploit is a skill that is activated when you equip certain pieces of armor.

Last updated on March 2, 2020, at 4:10 p.m. EST.

Weakness Exploit

Weakness Exploit Monster Hunter World

The Weakness Exploit increases the affinity of attacks that land on weak points of any given monster. For example, if the tail is a weak point for Nergigante, and you are wearing armor pieces that grant you the Weakness Exploit skill, your attacks will do more damage when they hit the tail. How much more damage depends on various factors, such as the level of the Weakness Exploit skill. To see a very simple list of monster weak points, consult your Hunter's Notes.

  • Weakness Exploit Level 1: 15% Increased Affinity
  • Weakness Exploit Level 2: 30% Increased Affinity
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3: 50% Increased Affinity

Armor isn't the only way to reach Weakness Exploit Level 3, though. This can also be done by slotting jewels into armor, or even crafting the Exploit Charm 1 or Exploit Charm 2. There is no Exploit Charm 3, however. Luckily, you can reach Weakness Exploit Level 3 using any combination of skills built into armor, jewels, or charms. 

Now that you know how to use the Weakness Exploit in Monster Hunter: World, mix and match the armor as you play with various combinations to get your desired build. In the meantime, visit our collection of Monster Hunter: World guides to keep yourself on the edge of everything that’s happening.

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