Resident Evil 3 guide

Every Resident Evil 3 guide you need to fully complete the game, get all the records, beat the scores, and conquer the various difficulties.


Resident Evil 3 is finally here. Fans of the original will find a fresh experience and new players will be challenged once again by the zombie hordes. For those that might need some guidance on collectibles, we here at Shacknews have been hard at work cataloguing everything for our Resident Evil 3 guide.

Resident Evil 3 guide

Resident Evil 3 guides
All weapons locations Where to find all the weapons in the game.
All weapon upgrades Track down all the weapon upgrades to improve your arsenal.
Hip Pouch locations Increase your inventory size by finding all the Hip Pouches.
Lightning Hawk Magnum location Find the Lightning Hawk Magnum and take out larger foes with ease.
Shotgun location Grab the first weapon you can unlock, the Shotgun, in Resident Evil 3.
Grenade Launcher location Find the ultimate enemy-destroying gun: the grenade launcher.
Charlie Doll locations The location of all 20 Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3.
Master of Unlocking Achievement/Trophy & Record guide A guide to unlocking the RE: Master of Unlocking Acheivement.
Safe codes and locations There are three safes to find and unlock, here's where they're located.
Locker locations Where to find all the locked lockers in the game.
Strongbox locations Find all strongboxes and ID Card strongboxes hidden in Raccoon City.
Pickable lock locations Discover the last pickable locks in Resident Evil 3.
Bolt Cutters location Track down the bolt cutters so you can break into new rooms.
Fire Hose location Where to find the fire hose so you can get the bolt cutters.
Lock Pick location The lock pick is needed to get many of the secrets and items in Resident Evil 3.
Battery Pack location Find the Battery Pack so Jill can leave the Sewers.
Jewel locations - Clock Tower Monument puzzle Where to find the three jewels for the clock tower monument.
Ammo recipes Learn the recipes for all the craftable ammo and grenades.
How and when to discard items Work out how and when to discard items.
S.T.A.R.S. ID Card location Find the S.T.A.R.S. ID Card to open the stronboxes in the Police Station. 
Where to farm points The best way to farm up a lot of points really fast for the Store.
Hunt for fuses guide How to get all three fuses within 5 minutes for the Achievement/Trophy.
Load the Grenade Launcher faster Swap between grenade types instantly with this Grenade Launcher trick.
How to get rid of parasite Lure the cure to get rid of a parasite from Jill's stomach.
Subway and train route puzzle The solution to the subway and train routing puzzle.
Vaccine puzzle solution Learn what temperature to use for the vaccine puzzle.
Voice actors and cast A complete list of voice actors and cast before the characters.
Nemesis first form boss fight A guide covering the first fight against Nemesis on the construction site roof.
Nemesis second form boss fight Learn how to beat Nemesis' second form in the Clock Tower Plaza.
Nemesis third form boss fight Take down Nemesis for the third time, this time in NEST 2.
Nemesis final form boss fight Defeat Nemesis for the last time in its final form.
Resident Evil 3 download file size Prepare your console or PC hard drives for RE3's download file size.
Is Resident Evil 3 remake coming to Nintendo Switch? Some datamined information is causing a stir about RE3 coming to Switch.
Are there alternative endings in Resident Evil 3? After finishing the game, you might wonder if there are different endings.
How long to beat Resident Evil 3 We give you a good estimate on how long it will take to beat the game.
Does RE3 take place before RE2? Work out the timeline of Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 2.
How to unlock the Shop Unlock the Shop so you can buy some infinite ammo weapons and power-ups.
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