Battery Pack location - Resident Evil 3

As Jill finds herself in the sewers, she will need to track down the location of a Battery Pack in order to progress in Resident Evil 3.


The Battery Pack is a key item needed to escape the Sewers in Resident Evil 3. Finding it, and using it, can be a bit tricky, especially with Hunters popping out of every other tunnel. When you do get your hands on the Battery Pack, you will need to make sure you use it in all possible doors to unlock absolutely everything.

Where to find the Battery Pack

To find the Battery Pack, you will need to work your way down to the Lab on the far-left side of the Sewers. If you don’t know where this is, make sure you collect the map of the Sewers from the Manager’s Office near the start of the area.

resident evil 3 battery pack location
resident evil 3 battery pack location map

From the Manager’s Office, walk down the main path and slide down the sewer drain into the lower area. Continue down this path until you reach the fork in the road. Take the right tunnel, which takes you to the Lab. Going the other way, to the Office, will lead you to the MGL Grenade Launcher. Make sure you take both routes.

The Battery Pack is sitting on a table in the Lab, you can’t miss it. This room also has the only pickable locker, make sure you get it before moving on.

With the Battery Pack in hand, climb the ladder to the circular set of stairs and use it on the door. Pass through into the upper area (kill the Hunter that jumps up) and unlock the padlocked gate on the left.

Resident Evil 3 battery pack unlock gate
Make sure to unlock the gate so you don't have to keep using the Battery Pack.

Go through the gate and grab the Battery Pack from the door (the door will lock again). While still in the upper area, take the Battery Pack to the locked door, this is the Security Room. Inside is a Hip Pouch and some other supplies.

After grabbing everything from this upper area, go through the gate, down the ladder, and place the Battery Pack in the slot near the final door. Through this door is one of the Charlie Dolls hidden around Resident Evil 3.

Now that you’ve got the Battery Pack location – and the majority of the Sewers cleared – you can continue on with your mission. Take a moment to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more helpful content.

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