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Resident Evil 3 download file size

Prepare your console or PC hard drives for the Resident Evil 3 download file size.


For those preparing to take on the zombie infestation in Raccoon City, knowing the Resident Evil 3 download file size is going to be an important step. The game has far more visual fidelity than its 1998 counterpart, which is bound to result in a larger file size than its original. Get your hard drives ready, because you’ll need a bit of space – not too much though.

Resident Evil 3 download file size

The Resident Evil 3 download file size is 21.9 GB on Xbox One. On PlayStation 4, it is 23.81 GB. Though we don’t currently have an exact figure for PC, the Resident Evil 3 Steam page says to have at least 45 GB free on your PC hard drive.

resident evil 3 download file size
The file size of Resident Evil 3 on Xbox One is just shy of 22 GB. It's only slightly bigger on PS4 at almost 24 GB.

While these are certainly larger than the install file sizes of some Nintendo Switch titles, they are dwarfed by some of the other file sizes of recent and upcoming games. The likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake have a file size of 107 GB and 100 GB respectively.

However, disc space is likely a concern for those players that aren’t using an external hard drive on their console or PC players with terabyte hard drives that are filling up. Now is the time to look through what you have installed and consider which one you’re likely not going to want to play anytime soon. The alternative is to purchase an external HDD to use for your digital downloads and physical installs.

Thankfully, the Resident Evil 3 file size isn’t too large. The troubles might stem from having to download it, what with the current strain on the network with people self-isolating. For now though, prepare some space and then check out the Shacknews 2020 video game release date calendar for ongoing updates about the state of games this year. You should also check out the Resident Evil 3 guide for walkthroughs, boss fights, and collectible guides.

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