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Nemesis first form boss fight - Resident Evil 3

A guide on how to beat Nemesis when you fight it on the roof in Resident Evil 3.


The Nemesis first form boss fight in Resident Evil 3 is Jill’s first chance to enact some revenge on the monster that’s been chasing her. This fight takes place on the roof of a construction site, making it quite a dramatic location. Defeating Nemesis at this point is more than just filling it full of lead, you’ll need to think on your feet and find its weakness.

Nemesis first form – Rooftop fight

For those looking for a quick overview of the Nemesis first form boss fight, we’ve put together a video showing how our own David Craddock took down the flamethrower-wielding Nemesis. Please check it out below!

As for some grounded tips on how to deal with this fight, the main idea is to destroy the fuel tank on Nemesis’ back. This fuel tank is what it’s using to attack with the flamethrower. By destroying the fuel tank, you will deal considerable damage to Nemesis and cause it to enter the next stage of the fight.

In order to do this, use the piles of wooden pallets to circle around behind Nemesis. Doing this will give you a clear shot on the fuel tank. Alternatively, if you’re a good shot, you might be able to land some hits when the monster is walking toward you.

When the canister explodes, Nemesis will start using the flamethrower as a lance and a hammer. You will need to either get an obstacle between you and it, or start performing some perfect dodges. Timing will be essential and if you can do the perfect dodge, you’ll be a great position to deal more damage to Nemesis.

Consider using the shotgun to blast away its health – hopefully you’ve found the shotgun weapon upgrades prior to the fight. It might also be worth using the grenade launcher, and do make sure you know how to load grenades instantly so you don’t waste precious seconds.

The only other tip to remember is to use the red generator as a last resort. Try and bait Nemesis over to it and then shoot the generator to stun the monster. This will give you some time to reload or even dish out a heap of damage.

Once you defeat Nemesis on the rooftop (its first form), you’ll want to prepare for the inevitable return of this monster. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for walkthroughs on the other Nemesis fights.

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