Load Grenade Launcher faster - Resident Evil 3

Tired of waiting for Jill to change out grenades while Nemesis nips at your heels? Here's how to load the Grenade Launcher faster in Resident Evil 3.


In Resident Evil 3 remake, Nemesis, the Umbrella Corporation's ultimate bioweapon, dogs Jill Valentine's every step. Reloading your grenade launcher costs precious seconds, but there is a way to load grenades faster. How fast? Instantly.

To pull it off, all you need to do is practice juggling.

How to Load Grenades Faster

There's a difference between reloading grenades, and loading grenades. Reloading means restocking your grenade launcher with more of the same type of ammunition. Loading means to swap between different types of grenades in your inventory. To avoid confusion, we'll refer to "loading" as "swapping."

If you're carrying explosive rounds and flame rounds, pressing the "swap" button your controller (L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One) causes Jill to swap the next type of grenade in her rotation, viewable in the bottom-right corner of the screen next to your ammo counter.

Normally, loading a different type of grenade requires you to wait for Jill to complete a reloading animation before you can attack. You can load grenades instantly by pressing the swap button on, then immediately equipping any other weapon--such as a handgun--by pressing its shortcut on your control pad. Now immediately re-equip your grenade launcher. When you heft the weapon, the grenades will be locked and loaded.

Carrying several types of grenades requires a few extra button presses for the trick to work. Let's say you're carrying flame rounds and acid rounds, with explosive rounds already loaded in the grenade launcher. You want flame rounds, but the next grenade type in your rotation is acid rounds. Press L1 or LB once to cycle to acid rounds, then press it again to cycle to flame rounds. Now equip another weapon and then immediately switch back to the grenade launcher. Your flame rounds will be ready to burn.

Now that you know how to load grenades, you may be in desperate need of a puzzle solution. Maybe you've been turning over every rock (and corpse) for the hard-to-find magnum. Consult our Resident Evil 3 guide for more resources to help you escape Raccoon City.

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