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How long to beat Resident Evil 3

Find out how long it will take to beat Resident Evil 3, and how long it might take you to Platinum or fully complete the game.


Wondering how long to beat Resident Evil 3, or any game for that matter, is only natural. With a financial outlay, players want to know whether they’re going to get good bang for their buck or want to work out whether they can squeeze it in alongside other commitments. So without getting into a lengthy discussion about why dollars-for-hours isn’t a good metric, let’s talk about what you can expect from Resident Evil 3.

How long to beat Resident Evil 3

For those that have never played Resident Evil 3 and are choosing to play through on Standard for the first time, expect to spend anywhere between five to 10 hours on your first playthrough. This is quite a large margin and you could very well fall on either side of those numbers. The reason for this is based entirely on how long you take to explore, how thorough you are, and how much trouble you have with the survival elements.

resident evil 3 how long to beat
Expect to spend between five and ten hours on your first playthrough. Then there are other difficulties and a myriad of Achievements/Trophies and unlocks to, well, unlock.

There are a lot of things to unlock and find, as is evident by the weapon locations, weapon upgrades, and even the Charlie Doll bobbleheads hidden through the world. If you’re the type of player that wants to unlock as much as possible on your first playthrough, chances are it’s going to take you longer.

However, while the Resident Evil 3 might not have alternative endings, there is replay value to be found in the various difficulties. After finishing the game on Hardcore, you can unlock Nightmare, which is followed by Inferno. All of these modes change up the campaign by increasing zombie numbers, their aggression and damage, and alter item locations.

There is also the in-game store. This store is where you can purchase unique items that affect some aspect of the game or give you a new weapon. These are purchased through the points you earn by completing challenges. Check out our guide on how to farm points fast so you can unlock things like a rocket launcher.

So while it might take you roughly five to 10 hours to beat Resident Evil 3 the first time around, you could be looking at a 20+ hour experience in total. Be sure to check out our Resident Evil 3 guide for a bunch of helpful articles to assist in the playtime!

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