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Grenade Launcher location - Resident Evil 3

Unlock the MGL Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 3 and decimate everything with fire, explosives, acid, and mines.


The grenade launcher is likely going to be the second weapon you get your hands on in Resident Evil 3. As the name suggests, the grenade launcher launches grenades at enemies, dealing whatever type of damage the grenade happens to be. With four different ammo types, there are plenty of strategies to try, provided you actually find the grenade launcher.

Grenade Launcher location

To find the grenade launcher in Resident Evil 3, you will need to work your way to the Sewers as Jill. This takes place just after restoring the power and solving the subway routing puzzle. After escaping Nemesis and getting into the Sewers, you will need to head to the bottom of the area.

From the Manager’s Office, follow the main path down to the water slide. Have Jill slide down into the lower area and follow the main path down south. When you reach the fork, instead of going right toward the battery pack, go left.

resident evil 3 grenade launcher location
resident evil 3 grenade launcher location

This tunnel leads to a ladder and a safe room that contains the MGL Grenade Launcher, some files, and explosive material. With the grenade launcher now unlocked, make sure you learn how to instantly load grenades so you don’t waste precious seconds during boss fights.

While you’re down spelunking through the sewers, make sure you look over our Charlie Doll guide. This guide will help you track down the couple of bobbleheads hiding in the depths. There is also a locker down here to unlock, which is required for the Master of Unlocking Achievement/Trophy.

Much like how you could potentially miss finding the grenade launcher, it’s also possible to miss the Lightning Hawk Magnum. You will need to find both of these weapons in order to unlock the Achievement/Trophy, Kendo’s Armory.

Now that you’ve found the grenade launcher in Resident Evil 3, you’re ready to take on Nemesis in its first and second form. For more helpful item locations, check out the Resident Evil 3 guide, we’ve been hard at work collating every detail.

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