Lock Pick location - Resident Evil 3

Discover where to find the lock pick in Resident Evil 3 so you can start collecting better items.


The lock pick is a vital tool in Resident Evil 3. Without this device, many containers and boxes will remain locked to the player. The location of the lock pick is easy to reach, as it is along a critical path in the campaign.

Where to find the lock pick location

The lock pick is located in the Subway Power Substation in Resident Evil 3. This is a required stop as part of restoring power to the routing area of the subway. You will recognize this area by its metal girders covered in an organic, meaty infection material. Before you reach it, there will be a safe room with a storage box.

Resident Evil 3 lock pick location map
Resident Evil 3 lock pick location

As you walk down into the infected area, you will need to interact with a zombie slouched over in a corner. The zombie will be holding a fancy box, inside of which is the lock pick.

At this point, you should immediately turn around and leave the area. Take the time to pick every single lock you can find before returning to the Subway Power Substation. For example, the Toy Uncle store in the main street has a door with a lock that can be picked and inside is one of the Charlie Doll collectibles and one of the three jewels.

resident evil 3 lock pick on doors
The lock pick can be used to open the door to the Toy Uncle store.

The reason you want to leave as soon as you get the lock pick is that turning on the power triggers the return of the Nemesis. Once Nemesis is strolling around the streets, it becomes incredibly difficult to actually search for items and collect any weapon upgrades. Try to ensure most of the map is blue (all items found in the area) before returning to the Subway Power Substation.

With the lock pick found, you will now be able to open nearly every single lock you encounter in Resident Evil 3. Keep in mind, there are still some locks that require specific keys to open. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more helpful walkthroughs.

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