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Farm points fast to unlock items from the Store ASAP in Resident Evil 3.


If you've wrapped up at least one playthrough of Capcom's Resident Evil 3 remake, you know that completing challenges--viewable in the Records menu--earns you points you can use to unlock items, weapons, and outfits from the Store. This guide highlights five areas where you can farm points fast by going after specific records, or challenges.

The best part? Chasing these challenges gives you credit toward completing other records at the same time. Be warned: This guide contains SPOILERS. You cannot access the Store until you've completed Resident Evil 3's story once, so come back after the credits have rolled.

Farm points fast

A bountiful harvest of undead means you'll farm points fast in Resident Evil 3.
A bountiful harvest of undead means you'll farm points fast in Resident Evil 3.

Before we dig in, let's discuss the challenges we'll be completing. There are records in Resident Evil 3 that can only be earned by killing enemies with certain types of weapons. For instance, finishing the "Gunslinger" challenge requires you to kill 200 enemies with a handgun, "Grenadier" calls for the grenade launcher, and so on.

In our video walkthroughs below, we tackle farming locations with different weapons. We took this approach for variety, and to illustrate that any challenge can be completed with any weapon. Some weapons will pose more difficulty than others, however. The handgun is slower and weaker than every other weapon type, so you'll want to tweak these strategies by exercising caution depending on the weapon and challenge/record you're going for. Also, while our editor used unlockable items in this guide to increase his attack damage, those items are not necessary for farming (although they certainly help).

With that in mind, let's look at Resident Evil 3's best spots to farm points fast.

Location #1: Dilapidated Tunnels

Jill enters the Subway Tunnels after you guide Carlos through the zombie-infested RPD. From the subway car, head down the path and through the only door into a save room. Grab the mine rounds nearby, sort through your inventory so you're carrying the weapons and ammo you want to use, then save.

Head through the door and move down the corridor until a zombie falls to the floor from the right. This triggers three other zombies to wake up. Kill them and move on down the corridor. Head to the top of the stairs, then back up. Three more zombies will shamble toward you. Make short work of them, then pause the game and reload your save to kill these six foes again.

TIP: If you're using the shotgun, go up the stairs and wait until the three zombies group together. Time it right, and you'll bowl a strike.

Location #2: Police Station

This location is unique to Carlos. Make your way through the RPD until you've collected the Battery from the storage room. From there, save your game in the dark room, then head up to the second floor. Pass through the locker room, take the detonator from the wall, and combine it with the battery. Place the detonator, skip the cutscene, then ready your pistol or SMG.

A pack of zombies inches toward you through the steam. Kill them as quickly as you can, then slowly move forward. Your progress will wake up a few more zombies. Once you're through the shower and into the adjoining locker room, one last zombie will break through the door. When every enemy is dead, Carlos will say, "It sucks to be popular." If he doesn't say that, one (or more) of the bodies you left behind needs a bullet in the head.

We recommend using the assault rifle at this location. The pistol fires too slowly to keep the horde at bay as they shuffle through the fog. You can knock out records connected to the pistol in any other location.

Location #3: Makeshift Sickroom

Another strategy unique to Carlos. You reach this farming spot after administering the T-virus vaccine to Jill. While she recovers, Carlos must hold back zombies laying siege to the hospital. We advise using the assault rifle here; as the siege goes on, zombies and Hunters will attack too quickly for the pistol to be effective. Grab your rifle and all the ammo you can carry, plus a few grenades if you have them, leaving one space in your inventory free. Once you're ready, exit through the double doors.

When the siege begins, grab the detonator from behind the frontmost pillar. Post up behind the counter and pump zombies full of lead as they spill through windows. If you act quickly, you'll be able to kill them before they can get to their feet. Remember to scour the room for ammo and health as needed.

After the power goes out, back away from the double doors located behind the desks and wait for the Hunter to break through. He'll go down in a single grenade blast. If you don't have grenades, lay into him with your rifle. Wait until he goes down, then head through the doors he broke through and flip the switch on the wall to the left. You'll also find grenades and flash grenades.

Hold down the fort until a mob breaks through and your partner, Ty, yells to try the detonator. Set the detonator where you found it and hold out until the timer expires. Skip the cinematic, and quickly reload your save to do it again. Rinse and repeat until you've attained both records related to the assault rifle.

Location #4: Underground Storage

This is the best farming spot in Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine, but it comes late in the game. If you're still on your first playthrough, save your progress here, but don't overwrite it. You'll be able to return after completing the game.

The object of this segment of Resident Evil 3 is to hunt for three fuses and restore power to the elevator that takes you to NEST 2, the last stretch of the story. It's a lengthy process, so we recommend hitting up our guide on hunting fuses for a walkthrough. (The guide will also help you complete the "Electric Slide" challenge/record.)

What you need to know is that you'll go up against over a dozen enemies as you round up fuses. Use any weapon you still need to complete challenges for to get the job done. When the smoke clears, don't insert the fuses into the fuse box. Reload your saved game and rinse and repeat. As you learn the route through the area, you'll find that you can rack up kills in five minutes or less.

Location #5: NEST 2 / Bioweapon Incubation Room

This farming spot is the least ideal in the game. You won't find it until late in the story, and it offers only a handful of enemies to kill. Still, if you'd like to try it, make your way to the Bioweapon Incubation Room--where all the Hunters and Tyrants are suspended in glass containers--and approach the elevator. If you look at the upper-left corner of your screen, you'll notice the game creating an autosave. Reload the autosave to return to this spot if you'd like to farm here.

Ride the elevator up and traverse the catwalk until you draw near the sliding door on the left. Don't get too close: one regular zombie, two infected zombies, and a Pale Head will come out to greet you. Kill them, then make your way inside. Turn left and you'll find a female zombie slumped against the far wall. Kill her, then pause and reload to farm again.

You know how to farm points now, but maybe you're trying to hunt for fuses and complete the "Electric Slide" challenge in five minutes or less. You'll find that guide and others in our Resident Evil 3 guide.

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