Hunt for fuses - Resident Evil 3

Hunt for fuses in 5 minutes and unlock the Electric Slide achievement in Resident Evil 3 remake.


Capcom's remake of Resident Evil 3 overflows with challenges--some straightforward (kill 150 enemies with a handgun), others more elusive. One of the latter is Electric Slide, a record that challenges you to collect three fuses in the Underground Facility in five minutes or less. This guide will walk you through the process step by step. If you're still stuck, you'll also find a video walkthrough.

Hunt for fuses

You arrive in the Underground Facility as Jill Valentine, after riding a couple of lifts and heading into a save room. Near the save room is a set of double doors. Head through those doors and walk across the catwalk. The camera will pan to the right to give you a view of Nikolai watching you from a control room.

Hop down the bridge and run toward Nikolai's position. There's a lift below him, but the fuse box on the wall to the right conveniently shorts out when you try to ride up.

Think of that blown fuse box as a shot fired from a starting gun: Once you hear it and the room goes dark, you're on the clock for the "Electric Slide" achievement and record. After you've completed this challenge, make sure you get the Charlie Doll that's hiding out in this room.

Step 1: From the elevator, while Nikolai talks, run back the way you came. Look up, and you should notice a Pale Head (a nude, alabaster zombie) slumped over the bridge above you. Shoot him with the magnum, if you have it, or with an explosive or mine round from your grenade launcher. He should be dead before he hits the ground. If he starts to rise, unload on him until he dies.

To your right is a control panel. Interact with it to lower the lift. Climb aboard and use the control panel on the lift. You'll ascend to a platform where you should see a tall generator straight ahead. You can't miss it: It glows a dark, bloody red. Take the fuse from the generator. You now have one of three fuses. If you're hurting for supplies, break open the crates to your right to find some assortment of herbs, handgun ammo, or shotgun shells.

Beware of dogs.
Beware of dogs.

Step 2: Look to the left of the generator and take a ladder leading down to the floor. Start forward and to the right, and some of the room's architecture will fall. More importantly to you and Jill, a zombie dog leaps onto the screen just ahead. Once Jill recovers from her flinching animation, kill the dog quickly; a second dog follows on its heels. If the dogs are too fast for your shots, turn around and hide in the container behind you. The dogs will follow you in eventually, giving you a clear shot. Use your shotgun if you have it: the spread of shells can hit both dogs at once.

Once the dogs have learned to play dead, head right until another container falls. Keep moving forward until you reach a dead-end, then take the corridor to your left. Kill the single zombie shambling about, then look to your left. Jill remarks about a dead-end, then indicates she sees a way forward. Not forward, but through--you can squeeze between two shelves.

On the other side, turn right and head up the stairs. There's a door at the top, but ignore it for now. Instead turn around and move across the platforms until you reach a bridge. Next to the bridge is a control panel. Use it to raise a lift to the bridge, then head across to the far platform. Take the ladder down and turn right to spot the next fuse generator.

Be ready for the horde of zombies ready to break free from that container.
Be ready for the horde of zombies ready to break free from that container.

This part can be dangerous, so exercise caution. Head toward the fuse box and wait for a container door to blow open, unleashing a pack of zombies. Deal with them, but do not retreat the way you came. Once they're dead, loot the container for gunpowder if you need it, then grab the fuse. Now turn and head back toward the ladder. As you near it, a container across the room will pop open, and a Gamma Hunter will come lumbering out. Wait until he opens wide and says, "Ahh," then send a magnum bullet or flame round down his gullet.

Step 3: Climb the ladder and traverse the platforms until you reach the door you ignored earlier. Head through it and swing to the left: three zombies, including a Pale Head, wait in ambush. Dispatch them, then take stock of the room. The door straight ahead leads into the save room where this leg of your adventure started, but don't go through. Instead head through the door to your left and climb down a ladder into a short corridor bordered by containers.

Move ahead until a Beta Hunter hops down from above. Open fire quickly; delay, and he'll dodge around your shots and get in close enough to cut your throat. Once he's dead--or, if you're feeling brave, once you've dodged around him--grab the last fuse from the generator ahead, then climb back up the ladder and go through the door.

The Hunter becomes the hunted.
The Hunter becomes the hunted.

Step 4: Go back into the room where you killed the three zombies. Unlatch the door leading into the safe room, head through, then race through the double doors and across the catwalk until you can hop down to the floor. As you approach the elevator, three zombies lying near it will wake up to harass you. They've all been infected by Nemesis, so take pot shots at them from a distance to stay out of their tentacles' reach. Remember, time is of the essence, so kill them with the best weapon you've got available. Mine rounds or magnum bullets work wonders here.

Once they're dead, sprint over to the fuse box and insert the fuses you collected. Now ride the elevator up to the control room where you last saw Nicolai. If you moved fast enough, your "Electric Slide" achievement or trophy should pop up on your screen. You can double check by pausing the game and selecting Records, where you should be greeted by confirmation that you nailed the time.

With "Electric Slide" challenge and achievement under your belt, you can turn your attention to other challenges--like, say, farming points as quickly as possible to speed up your purchases from Resident Evil 3's store. Or perhaps you missed the S.T.A.R.S. ID card in your foray through the RPD as Carlos. Check out our Resident Evil 3 guide for those and lots more walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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