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Fire Hose location - Resident Evil 3

The Fire Hose is a single-use item that must be found in order to progress in Resident Evil 3.


The city streets in Resident Evil 3 are dangerous, and Jill needs all kinds of things to survive, like a fire hose. The fire hose is a rather important item that players will need to find if they want to get past a raging fire blocking progress. With the twisting and winding buildings and alleyways, it can be hard to track down such a critical item.

Where to find the fire hose

The fire hose is found in the Kite Bros Railway building, which is labeled the Subway Office. This building is located on the left-hand side of the Downtown map, through the Donut Shop (Moon’s Donut).

Resident Evil 3 fire hose location downtown map
Resident Evil 3 fire hose location

After you have the hose, you will need to return to the fire. For some newcomers to the series, it might be tough remembering exactly where that was. The fire is located on the right-hand side of Downtown. Look at the map, and if you’ve gone close to the fire, you should see a symbol marking the blaze.

resident evil 3 use fire hose
Return to the fire and use the fire hose on the hydrant to put out the blaze.

With the fire doused, you can continue onwards. At this point, you will be in prime position to unlock the bolt cutters (which will help with unlocking weapons) as well as the lock pick (which is needed for all the Charlie Dolls and the colored jewels).

While the fire hose is only used once, it can be tough to find for those lost and alone in the world of Resident Evil 3. Even when its location is discovered, remembering where to use it is another problem altogether. Take a moment to look over the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for even more guides.

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