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Safe codes and locations - Resident Evil 3

Discover the location of all safes and the safe codes to open them in Resident Evil 3.


There are only a few safes and safe codes to find in Resident Evil 3. Each of these safes holds a valuable item that will help both Jill and Carlos survive the events of Raccoon City. For one of these safes, players may be surprised to know it’s the exact same combination found in the previous game.

Safe codes and locations

Players can find three safes in Resident Evil 3. But it’s not enough to find the safe, you will also need to know the safe code in order to open it up. The safes contain some of the weapon upgrades as well as a Hip Pouch.

These safes are part of the Achievement/Trophy and challenge, RE: Master of Unlocking.

Downtown safe – Drugstore storage room

Resident Evil 3 safe code Downtown safe
The code for the Downtown safe is hidden among the numbers on the Aqua Cure sign in the Pharmacy.

One of the first safes you’ll encounter in Resident Evil 3 is in the drugstore owner’s storage room in the Downtown area. The storage area is up the stairs by the donut shop. As for where to find the code, it’s in the pharmacy. Go to the back of the pharmacy and look at the poster for Aqua Cure, the digits circled are the combination.

Resident Evil 3 safe codes locations Downtown safe
The safe is in the drugstore owner's storage room.
  • Code location: Pharmacy
  • Code: Left 9, right 1, left 8
  • Reward: Dot Sight (Handgun)

Police Station safe – West Office

Resident Evil 3 safe codes locations Police Station safe
The code for the safe in the Police Station is found in the darkroom safe room.

The next safe is in the Police Station in the West Office on the first floor (1F). All the safes and dial locks in the Police Station are the same as the safe codes in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The safe code location is in the darkroom, which is also a safe room.

Resident Evil 3 safe codes locations Police Station safe
The safe is found in the West Office of the Police Station.
  • Code location: Darkroom safe room
  • Code: Left 9, right 15, left 7.
  • Reward: Hip Pouch

Hospital safe – Nurses’ Station

Resident Evil 3 safe codes locations Hospital safe code
The safe code to the Nurses' Station safe is in the Operating Room.

The last safe is in the Hospital, in the Nurses’ Station on the second floor (2F). The Hospital safe code is found in the Operating Room. This safe can be unlocked as either Carlos or Jill, so consider which character you want to have the weapon upgrade. For those playing on Assisted, Jill will have an Assault Rifle, so it could be worth collecting it as her.

Resident Evil 3 safe codes locations Hospital Nurses' Station safe
The safe in the Hospital is in the Nurses' Station.
  • Code location: Operating Room
  • Code: 9 right, 3 left
  • Reward: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)

The safes and safe codes are one of the unlocks required for getting the RE: Master of Unlocking Achievement/Trophy and Challenge. The others are the lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks. Check out the Resident Evil 3 guide for more tips and collectibles.

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