Weapon locations - Resident Evil 3

Where to find all the weapons in Resident Evil 3 for the Achievement/Trophy, Kendo's Armory.


There are a lot of weapons to unlock in Resident Evil 3. For those that want every advantage possible over the zombies, finding the location of all these weapons is going to be important, especially for those playing on tougher difficulties. Depending on what difficulty you choose, you may start off with a slight advantage. Take the time to collect all the weapons, as it’s needed for the Achievement/Trophy, Kendo’s Armory.

All weapons – Kendo’s Armory

Resident Evil 3 all weapons Kendos Armory
Finding all weapons in Resident Evil 3 unlocks the Achievement/Trophy Kendo's Armory.

There are 10 weapons to use over the course of the Resident Evil 3 campaign. Using all of these weapons will result in unlocking the Achievement/Trophy and Record, Kendo’s Armory. Be sure to also unlock all the weapon upgrades to make them more effective at killing zombies.

Survival Knife

Resident Evil 3 suvival knife
The Survival Knife is Jill's melee weapon in Resident Evil 3. It will be in your inventory at the beginning of the game.

The Survival Knife is in Jill’s possession at the start of Resident Evil 3. Unlike the knives from the previous game, this knife cannot break.

Combat Knife

Resident Evil 3 Combat Knife
The Combat Knife is Carlos' melee weapon and will be in the inventory when you play as him.

The Combat Knife is Carlos’ melee weapon of choice (other than his fist).

Hand Grenade

Resident Evil 3 Hand Grenade
Hand Grenades can be found all over the place.

The Hand Grenade is your standard fragmentation grenade that sends out shrapnel to destroy everything nearby.

Flash Grenade

Resident Evil 3 Flash Grenade
Flash Grenades can also be found throughout the entire Resident Evil 3 story.

The Flash Grenade, as the name suggests, generates a large flash of light and sound. This is useful at distracting some enemies, allowing you to slip by.

G19 Handgun

Resident Evil 3 G19 Handgun
The G19 is Jill's main weapon for the first part of Resident Evil 3.

The G19 Handgun is going to be the first weapon you use in Resident Evil 3. This is Jill’s go-to weapon and one that you will likely use throughout the entire campaign.

G18 Handgun

Resident Evil 3 G18 Handgun
The G18 is Carlos' off-hand weapon, when not using the Assault Rifle.

This is Carlos’ primary weapon in Resident Evil 3, and practically the same as Jill’s G19, albeit with a few more rounds in the magazine.

M3 Shotgun

Resident Evil 3 M3 Shotgun
Resident Evil 3 M3 Shotgun map

The Shotgun is located in the Subway Office. You will need to unlock the Bolt Cutters to access it. This weapon is excellent at quickly taking out zombies and other monsters

CQBR Assault Rifle

Resident Evil 3 CQBR Assault Rifle
The Assault Rifle is Carlos' main weapon, and can also be found on Jill when playing on Assisted.

The Assault Rifle is Carlos’s weapon of choice and one you will need to wait to use unless of course, you’re playing on Assisted. For those using the Assisted difficulty, Jill will start the campaign with an Assault Rifle, making some of the earlier encounters a bit easier.

MGL Grenade Launcher

Resident Evil 3 MGL Grenade Launcher
Resident Evil 3 MGL Grenade Launcher location map

The Grenade Launcher is found in the sewers, specifically, in the Office in the Lower Waterway section. This is going to be a late-game weapon that will be used to clear groups of enemies and deal with the always-chasing Nemesis.

G18 Handgun (Burst Model)

Resident Evil 3 G18 Handgun Burst Model location
Resident Evil 3 G18 Handgun Burst Model location map

The G18 Handgun is a burst-fire model of Jill’s classic G19. This weapon is found in the hospital upon controlling Jill once more. After getting out of the bed, find the G18 Handgun on the counter. Carlos also uses the G18 Handgun, albeit not the burst model.

0.44 AE Lightning Hawk

Resident Evil 3 0.44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum location
Resident Evil 3 0.44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum location map

The Lightning Hawk, also known as the Magnum, is one of the last weapons you’ll unlock in the Resident Evil 3 remake. This gun is only available in the hospital and can only be retrieved by Jill. We have a detailed guide on how to get the Lightning Hawk, but for those that want a more general nudge, the magnum is in the Courtyard area on 1F. You will need to crawl through a small tunnel on 2F as Jill in order to reach a broken window used to jump down to it.

Finding all of the weapons in Resident Evil 3 will reward you with the Achievement/Trophy, Kendo’s Armory. This is also a Record, which should help with unlocking items in the Store. Take a moment to look at the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for all of our other guides and tips.

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