Bolt Cutters location - Resident Evil 3

Find the Bolt Cutters so you can chomp through chains in Resident Evil 3.


The bolt cutters are going to be one of the first mission-critical items you unlock in Resident Evil 3. This tool allows you to snip through thick chains that prevent you from opening doors and other locked cages. The location of the bolt cutters is fairly early on, though it does require some work to reach.

Where to find Bolt Cutters

The bolt cutters are just past the fire you must put out with the fire hose. This fire is on the right-hand side of Downtown at the top of the double flight of stairs. You will obviously need to know where to find the fire hose, which is in the Kite Bros Railway building.

Resident Evil 3 fire hose for bolt cutters
Retrieve the fire hose to put out the fire blocking your path to the bolt cutters.

Once the fire is out, turn the corner and enter through the door into the next room. This room is a safe room, containing the normal storage crate and a typewriter. The bolt cutters will be on the opposite wall to the entrance, sitting in an open spot on the wall – you can’t miss them.

Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters location
Resident Evil 3 bolt cutters location map

After you’ve found the bolt cutters, take some time to thoroughly explore the streets. It’s also worth unlocking the lock pick, as these two items will allow you to completely search the area.

The bolt cutters only take up a single spot in the inventory. This makes them rather small when compared to other tools that are less valuable. To use the bolt cutters, find a chain that can be cut, interact with it, and then select the bolt cutters. If it is something that can be cut, you will see a short animation of the chain being snipped.

Resident Evil 3 use bolt cutters
The bolt cutters can be used on the chains keeping doors and cages shut.

As for the types of items you can retrieve with the bolt cutters, one of the first will be the Shotgun. This will make fighting the zombies, especially the Nemesis-turned zombies, significantly easier.

Now that you’ve found the bolt cutters location in Resident Evil 3 Remake, you can start pressing deeper into the city. Remember you can discard them once you’ve cut all the necessary chains. Take a look at the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more information.

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