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Lightning Hawk Magnum location - Resident Evil 3

Get your hands on the Lightning Hawk Magnum in Resident Evil 3 so you can annihilate any threat in Jill's way.


Capcom's Resident Evil 3 remake brings back fan-favorite characters, locations, and, of course, weapons. Next to the rocket launcher, the Lightning Hawk is the heaviest hitter in the game, but you need to know where to find the Lightning Hawk magnum if you want to be prepared for the game's final battles.

Find the Lightning Hawk Magnum

Fun fact: You can overlook the magnum, and finish the game without ever laying hands on it. You'll even have plenty of magnum rounds to add insult to injury. The magnum can only be found in the hospital, but not as Carlos. Instead, you'll need to reunite with Jill Valentine. Make sure you also find the safe, lockers, and strongboxes in the hospital for the Master of Unlocking Achievement/Trophy and the Charlie Dolls tucked away in corners.

Once you clear (most of) the hospital as Carlos, you'll once again control Jill Valentine. As you leave Reception, you'll notice a locked door to your right that can be picked with your lockpick. Ignore it for now; it leads to a passage that takes you into the next stretch of the game.

Instead, venture deeper into the hospital. You'll want to visit this area as Jill anyway: There were locks Carlos couldn't pick, as well as items that only appear when you control Jill. (Just look for red rooms on your map, which indicates items in that area you still need to pick up.)

When you're ready to make your way upstairs, take the path through the roof and up to the next floor. Above you is a sign directing you to the nurse's station. Follow the corridor until you see a barricade of furniture off to one side. Get close to it, and Jill will say, "I think I can squeeze through." Move toward it, and she'll crawl through a gap in the bottom.

Resident Evil 3 remake's Lightning Hawk magnum.
Resident Evil 3 remake's Lightning Hawk magnum. "Guaranteed to give you a headache."

On the other side, you'll find a broken window. Hop through it and down to the courtyard. Look for a silver case to your left. Pop it open and claim your prize.

Ammo for the magnum is scarce, even if you unlock the crafting tool (by spending points) that gives you more ammunition every time you craft. You'll want to save it for two occasions: Pale Heads, the naked, pale (obviously) zombies that appear more frequently from this point forward; and boss encounters.

Knowing where to find the Lightning Hawk magnum is only half the battle. Proceed to our Resident Evil 3 guide, where we spill the beans on puzzle solutions, secrets such as where to find the S.T.A.R.S. ID card that lets you unlock all sorts of goodies, and more.

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