How to unlock the Shop - Resident Evil 3

Unlock the Shop in Resident Evil 3 so you can start getting some cool power-ups and more costumes for Jill.


Unlocking the Shop in Resident Evil 3 is going to be on a lot of players’ mind. The Shop in Resident Evil 3 is unlike any of the previous games. This special little store holds a wealth of power, new ways to dress Jill, and a whole lot of boosts that will make your Nightmare and Inferno run a heck of a lot easier. The only thing that stands in your way is actually unlocking the store in the first place.

Unlock the Shop

To unlock the Shop in Resident Evil 3, players need only finish the game a single time. This can be done on any difficulty, including Assisted. Once the campaign has been completed, players will find themselves back at the main menu, from here, the Shop can be found under Bonuses.

resident evil 3 finish game unlock shop
Finish Resident Evil 3 to unlock the Shop. This store is found under Bonuses.

Within the shop itself, there are a myriad of unlocks that can be purchased. These are purchased by acquiring the in-game currency, which is a point system. There are some ways to farm points fast, but the main idea is to complete as many Records as possible. There are records for finding all weapons, finding upgrades, and destroying all Charlie Dolls.

Each Record, or challenge, that you complete will net you a few hundred to several thousand points. With these points, you can purchase cosmetics like costumes for Jill or even powerful items like Recovery and Assault Coins that boost your healing and damage. Then there are actual weapon unlocks that make harder difficulties a breeze.

Resident Evil 3 shop infinite ammo rocket launcher
The Infinite Ammo Rocket Launcher is the most expensive and powerful unlock in the Resident Evil 3 Shop.

Before you make your first purchase from the store, consider your next goal. If you’re going to be tackling Hardcore, Nightmare, or even Inferno, consider purchasing anything that will make those easier. For example, the coins will all help with damage while an infinite ammo handgun will mean you never have to worry about how to take down a zombie.

With the Shop in Resident Evil 3 unlocked, and a whole world of power-ups open to you, it’s time to dive into your next run of the game. Make sure you check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for a wealth of information, including collectible guides and other strategies.

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