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Shotgun location - Resident Evil 3

Unlock the M3 Shotgun in Resident Evil 3 and blow through anything that stands in your way.


The Shotgun is one of the first weapons you can unlock in Resident Evil 3. This powerful, short-range weapon can put zombies down in a single blast, and even destroy Hunters in a few pumps. However, it can be missed entirely, rendering the game more difficult than it has to be.

Where to find the Shotgun

In order to get the Shotgun, players will first need to find the Fire Hose and the Bolt Cutters. The reason for this is that the Shotgun is locked in a cage that’s been chained up, and the only way to open it is with the Bolt Cutters, which are stuck behind a raging fire.

Resident Evil 3 shotgun location Subway Office
The fire hose and the shotgun are both in the Subway Office, the room attached to the Subway Control Room.

The Fire Hose is found in the Kite Bros Railway building, which is called the Subway Office on the map. Once you have this, head to the fire (right-hand side of Downtown) and put it out. Go past the fire and grab the bolt cutters from the safe room.

Resident Evil 3 Shotgun location

The Shotgun is found in the Subway Office, in the little room near where you picked up the fire hose. Use the bolt cutters on the cage to open it up, allowing you to grab the M3 Shotgun. This room also has one of the lockers you need to open for the Master of Unlocking Achievement.

Make sure you keep track down the jewels so you can get the Tactical Stock for the Shotgun, one of the weapon upgrades in the game.

Now that you’ve got the Shotgun, you’re one step closer to unlocking all the other weapons. There’s also the MGL Grenade Launcher to get and the Lightning Hawk Magnum. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for our full coverage of the game, including collectible guides and boss fights.

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