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Are there alternative endings to Resident Evil 3?

The original Resident Evil 3 had alternative endings and players want to know if that holds true for the remake.


The Resident Evil 3 remake takes what was offered in the original, cuts the fat, and delivers an action-packed experience. But as players reach the end, and finish it, many are left wondering whether there are actually alternative endings to Resident Evil 3.

Are there alternative endings?

resident evil 3 multiple endings
There is only one ending in Resident Evil 3, so say goodbye to those alternative ending choices.

The answer to the question “are there alternative endings to Resident Evil 3” is a simple no. There is only a single ending to Resident Evil 3. Despite the fact the game seems to give you a choice, and although the original had multiple endings, the remake instead has but a single ending – at least at the time of writing.

As for what this ending is, well it has Jill shoot Nicholai, save Carlos, and fly away in a helicopter while Raccoon City explodes from the bombing. This fairly conclusively ties up the events. However, there is one little surprise in store for players.

Resident Evil 3 after credits scene

Resident Evil 3 also includes a a post-credits scene. In this scene, we see the shattered vaccine vial sitting on a table and then someone walks past and picks it up. The identity of this person is anyone’s guess. However, judging from the character model, it’s unlikely it’s a male character from the series.

resident evil 3 after credits scene
The Resident Evil 3 after credits scene shows someone picking up the fractured vaccine vial.

There are some in the community that speculate it might be Claire Redfield in this post-credits scene, which would be an interesting turn of events. It’s more likely that it is Jill, given she was the one who was last seen holding the vaccine in the very last shot before the credits rolled on Resident Evil 3. This imagery was coupled with her saying, “I decided then and there: the ashes of Raccoon City would be Umbrella’s ashes too.” The fact she says this while looking at the vial could indicate a plan to use the vial to take down Umbrella.

So while there aren’t multiple endings in Resident Evil 3, there are a lot of difficulties to play through. To make this easier, make sure you know where to farm points so you can buy all kinds of goodies from the store. Check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more collectible guides and tips.

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