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Ammo recipes - Resident Evil 3

Take note of the ammo recipes in Resident Evil 3 so you can make ammo for your weapons and explosives for your grenade launcher.


Learning the ammo recipes in Resident Evil 3 will mean players do not have to rely solely on world spawns. This becomes even more critical when playing on the harder difficulties, where ammo is scarce and enemies are stronger.

All ammo and explosive recipes

There are six different forms of ammo that you can craft in Resident Evil 3. While you can make all these munitions by experimenting, sometimes it’s best to know what you’re making before you start throwing things together.

resident evil 3 ammo recipes
resident evil 3 grenade launcher ammo recipes

As for how to make these ammo recipes, simply select a material, click “combine” and then click the other material. This will immediately create the chosen ammo.

All ammo and grenade recipes in Resident Evil 3
Material Ammo
Gunpowder x2 Handgun ammo
Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder Shotgun shells
High-Grade Gunpowder x2 MAG ammo
Explosive A x2 Explosive rounds
Explosive A + Explosive B Flame rounds
Explosive B x2 Acid rounds

There is a way to tell in-game what you’re making before confirming the combination. After you select “combine” on one type of material, hover over the second type and look down the bottom to see what type of ammo it will make. This is a great way to quickly see what’s going to be created.

At the start of the game, you will likely only be crafting the handgun ammo and maybe some shotgun shells. As the game progresses, it will become more important to craft the powerful ammo, like that for the MAG and the various grenades for the Grenade Launcher.

It’s worth noting that there are a couple of types of ammo you cannot craft, and those are the rounds for the Assault Rifle and the mines for the Grenade Launcher. These can only be found in the world, so conserve that ammo.

Now that you know all the ammo and explosive recipes in Resident Evil 3, you can keep yourself stocked with munitions at all times. Check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more helpful tips and guides.

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