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Subway puzzle - Resident Evil 3

Solve the subway and train route puzzle in Resident Evil 3 to help Jill escape Raccoon City.


The subway puzzle, also known as the train route puzzle, in Resident Evil 3 is one of the first problems you will encounter. This section is right after Jill restores power to the station and has her ensure the cart is on the right track out of Raccoon City. With some of the numbers smudged, it can be hard to tell which route is the correct one.

Subway puzzle solution

There are two bits of information you can reference to solve the subway puzzle in Resident Evil 3. One way is to look at the torn and bloody piece of paper attached to the terminal or look at the big switch board showing the closed tracks. Using these you can reach the following solution to the train route puzzle:

  • RE 01
  • FA 02
  • RA 03
  • SA 02
  • FO 01
resident evil 3 subway puzzle
Check the large switch board to see what tracks are unavailable (red) and which ones are open (green).

How this solution is reached is by looking at what area comes next in the sequence and which track is available to be used. The first and last destinations and tracks cannot be changed, so it’s just the middle three you’ll need to work on.

The first stop is Faust Avenue, and although smudged, it shows that the second track is open. From here, the train cart must go through Raccoon Central Station using track three. At Saint Michael’s Clock Tower track two is the only available option.

resident evil 3 subway route puzzle
The little pamphlet on the terminal has faded numbers, making it difficult to see the correct track.

The smudged numbers on the brochure can make it difficult to see which track is which. For this reason, try and remember the labels of the giant switch board and what tracks are closed.

That’s really all there is to solving the subway and train route puzzle in Resident Evil 3. Make sure you get the Charlie Doll bobblehead in this room, as well as the strongbox, as these are both required in unlocking all the Achievements/Trophy. Then, check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for even more tips and collectible locations.

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