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Vaccine puzzle - Resident Evil 3

Create the vaccine in Resident Evil 3 by solving the temperature and vaccine puzzle in NEST 2.


The vaccine puzzle in Resident Evil 3 can definitely take a while to figure out. With three buttons each with three different values, there are 27 different possible combinations. Unless you want to either trial and error your way through those combos or stumble upon the solution, it can be far better to have the answer prepared earlier!

Vaccine puzzle solution

The solution to the vaccine puzzle and temperature control puzzle in NEST 2 is, from left to right: Mid, High, Low. This ensures the temperature across all three sections is in the green zone at about 50. Any other input will have the temperatures either too hot or too cold.

resident evil 3 vaccine puzzle
The solution to the vaccine puzzle is mid, high, low. 

But for those that might want to know how this puzzle works, let’s start at the beginning with finding the antigen and adjuvant. These two parts are needed to solve the vaccine puzzle. When you find these two, combine them in your inventory. Jill apparently doesn’t need any lab equipment to mix these two items.

  • The first part of the vaccine, the culture sample (antigen), is found in Lab 1 on the second floor (2F) of NEST 2.
  • The second part of the vaccine, liquid-filled Test Tube (adjuvant), is found in the Incubation Lab on the second floor (2F) of NEST 2.

Once you have these two test tubes, and have combined them, return to the Vaccine Equipment to find the puzzle mentioned above. This puzzle is about temperature control, ensuring that the bars stay within the acceptable margins.

make vaccine resident evil 3
Put in the correct temperature values and the equipment will eject the vaccine.

How this vaccine puzzle works is that each value (low, mid, high) corresponds with a certain temperature, either positive or negative. Each column (left, center, right) has its own temperatures for each value, too. The trick is to balance these to ensure the temperature of each section is within the acceptable range.

Cycle through the values to see how it affects each temperature. “Mid” on one button might have drastically different effects to a “mid” on another.

Inputting the correct answer will solve the vaccine puzzle (temperature control puzzle) in Resident Evil 3, and eject out a purple tube for Jill to take. Grab the tube and then go about finishing the game! Check out the Shacknews Resident Evil 3 guide for more collectible guides and tips.

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